When there’s paint in my hair and dough on the floor, I know I’ve had a good day. I can’t resist rolling up my sleeves and digging into a project: whether it’s a minor repair, a craft, or a new recipe—I’m on it! My qualifications? I earned a graduate degree in literature. Yep. Believe it or not it kind of helps. The history of literature is filled with instruction manuals and cookbooks. It seems that people just love to tell one another what to do. So, I guess I’ve been training myself to read and take on DIY projects for many years now. It’s not that I actually follow the instructions—or that everything goes as planned. Copper wires burn when they heat up, and the smoke alarm has gone off more than once in my house.

So, will you learn anything from this blog? If you like to laugh at others’ mistakes, you’re in for a treat! You’ll learn a lot about that. My husband Nathan, my son Alex, and I have taken on all kinds of projects back in Ohio and now, in our new house in the Greater Seattle area. Sometimes, our cat, SeaTac, “helps.” So, there are lots of steps and missteps to share. Occasionally, I try to find other reliable sources—in case your smoke alarm is not working. (Please install a smoke alarm—now!)

Enjoy the journey—from leaks to leeks—with plenty of tales and trails of nails.