Devil’s Lake, Photo by Cecilia Kennedy

My bookshelves, which are sagging in the middle, have begged me not to add anymore books to my collection. I promised them I wouldn’t. I lied. Instead, I’m finding new layers and spaces, which means that there is definitely room for your book, which I can review. Reviews will appear in Goodreads, Amazon, and on my blog for my other website: Paper/Rock Writing Consultation, which can be found here: Paperrockwriting. I will also provide a link to the review on my weekly blog posts for Fixin’ Leaks and Leeks.

I enjoy reading novels, novellas, short story collections, and chapbooks in the horror genre. I also enjoy mystery/suspense/thrillers, literary fiction, and creative nonfiction (memoir). If you have published something for which you would like a review, please fill out the Contact Form.


Cecilia Kennedy