DIY Mother’s Day Tea

Today, my most outrageously festooned hat, upon which a ten-inch-high stuffed swan of multicolored feathers is perched, has been mistakenly served as the main course for someone else’s Mother’s Day tea, so I’m wearing a baseball cap and pajamas instead. I plan on sauntering out into the yard and indulging myself in a low-key “tea… Continue reading DIY Mother’s Day Tea

Polka Dot Plant

Mangled houseplant season has begun, and I sense I’m already off to a killer start. Sometimes, I can get plants from kits to grow—and they do really, really well—for a while. Then, I forget about them, hoping that Nate and Alex will hear their desperate cries for help—and rescue them from Dr. Bonkers the Butterfingers… Continue reading Polka Dot Plant

Cookie Hack

Lately, something strange has entered my gleaming glass cookie jar, and I can’t stop looking at it, every time I pass by my otherwise neat and tidy kitchen. While there are still a half dozen happy little cookies that cling to the sides of the jar and say, “Here I am! Look at me!” another… Continue reading Cookie Hack

Boozy Shamrock Shake

The pounding drums, bagpipes, and electric-guitar sounds, characteristic of the Dropkick Murphys’ style, have been blasting through the house since February 15th. Every night, when I make dinner, I’ve been selecting the Celtic punk station on Pandora, plugging in the speakers, and cooking up a raucous meal of very healthy vegetables and lean proteins. Getting… Continue reading Boozy Shamrock Shake