Nate’s Pickled Peppers

Finding tentacle-like, space-alien green things in the refrigerator is no need for alarm, especially if they’re in a jar and floating in a briny solution. They’re not actually pickled space creatures. They’re pickled banana peppers, and they’re amazing. About this time last year, I emerged from my office, bleary eyed after reading “news of the… Continue reading Nate’s Pickled Peppers


If the clouds suddenly unleash a fury upon the BBQ grill—rain pelting the house like angry, dead crows shot from a cannon—grill that steak anyway. Gather the following supplies: Steaks, an umbrella, and Nate, and send them outside! Nate is the most important thing on that list, though. The determination. The skill. The grit he… Continue reading Steak-In-The-Rain