Carousel Sundae

Spin your animal crackers around a whirling cloud of ice cream, until they’re foaming at the mouth with whipped cream and sprinkles—just like what you might see in nature. The result is a delightful carousel sundae, which I did not invent. Denny’s invented it, and, when I was a child, it was my reward for… Continue reading Carousel Sundae

Father’s Day Fun!

Grab a wacky tie that’s festooned with a dizzying array of rubber ducks and beer steins—and throw it in the trash! What the father-figures in your life really need is a painkiller. At least, that’s what Nate, the featured father of the Fixin’ Leaks and Leeks Team, says he wants for Father’s Day—and he has… Continue reading Father’s Day Fun!

Noodling Around

To keep the noodles from strangling the beef jerky in our pantry, I cook with them. Noodles throw themselves at me when I go to the grocery store. There’s no other reasonable way to explain why my pantry is overflowing with pasta. When my back is turned, noodles of every shape and size rock back… Continue reading Noodling Around

Time to Elevate

A supernatural haunting—the kind where ghosts lift my computer from my desk so my neck won’t cramp—wouldn’t be so bad. However, since my house is not haunted (yet), I’ve been using the Chicago Manual of Style to prop up my computer, which presents a problem, if I actually need to use the CMOS. So, the… Continue reading Time to Elevate

Plastic Plant Power

Desperate for attention, my writing desk flew into a rage, oozing and groaning and rattling the drawers—again for the millionth time since I bought it maybe ten years ago. No, it’s not possessed. I wish it were because then I’d know what to do. Typically, these episodes only last about a second—maybe I lose a… Continue reading Plastic Plant Power

Spicy Shrimp

Shrimplicious is the name I’ve given to the crustacean featured in a relaxation video. I turn to this video when life becomes a tornado of questionable decisions that whip around and hit me in the face at the end of the day—when all I want to do is relax. Example: Did I really step in… Continue reading Spicy Shrimp