DIY Massage

An artillery of relaxation devices arrived in the mail, and I just unleashed their powers on my sore muscles, made all wonky by a single dose of the shingles vaccine. (It has been a wild week.) In other words, I got one of those “massage guns,” which sounds like an aggressive way to practice the… Continue reading DIY Massage

Cooky Christmas Cookie Finale—Yeaaaaaaahowzayayay!

I’m crawling to the finish line, with shades on ‘cause nearby houses are competing for the most shockingly bright-lights display, which means every dive bar flashing a Miller Lite sign within a five-mile radius has officially collided with Vegas—and shined a powerfully condensed version of that disaster through my tiny kitchen window. While I’m making… Continue reading Cooky Christmas Cookie Finale—Yeaaaaaaahowzayayay!