Scary Hot

If spooky season isn’t spicy enough for you, take the “Paqui One Chip Challenge,” and send your tastebuds to a fiery dungeon where demons stab them with pitchforks. That’s the only way to describe this experience—and I didn’t even really complete the entire challenge. The “Paqui One Chip Challenge” consists of opening a coffin-shaped package… Continue reading Scary Hot

Taste for Nostalgia

Cryptic creatures called “fruit snacks” showed up at my parents’ house in the mid 80s—along with leg warmers, shoulder pads, and some creepy-looking dolls that had been hanging out in cabbage patches. At first, these snacks seemed a little strange. Were they actually fruit? Were they candy? What were they thinking? What were they up… Continue reading Taste for Nostalgia