Pack that Snack

Jelly fish appear to have invaded my pantry because, if I look closely, I can see tentacles poking out from the shelves—and clear bellies filled with “hot n spicy peanuts mix”—held together by a twist tie that seems to be gagging the whole thing in a most unsightly manner. And it’s not like I go… Continue reading Pack that Snack

Jesus, Take the Wheel! My Son is Driving!

Those adrenalin-pumping, heart-stopping, hug-the-curves-with-the-car, hang-on-tight-to-the-door-handle days of motherhood are here and I think I need a rear-facing car seat. I thought morning sickness went away for good, but it comes back when a child gets a learner’s permit. Luckily, since I’ve done my part by giving birth, my husband Nate will take over the driver’s… Continue reading Jesus, Take the Wheel! My Son is Driving!