Chicken Noodle Soup: The Secret Ingredient Is . . . Magic

The cabinet below the kitchen sink comes alive with the eerie sounds of pots and pans that rattle, followed by deathly moans that exclaim, “Uhhhh! I’m making soooup. . . Dinner will be a while. .. Making soooup takes an eteeeernity.” Nate runs into the kitchen. “Right. Chicken noodle soup,” he says. “That sounds good.… Continue reading Chicken Noodle Soup: The Secret Ingredient Is . . . Magic

Tapas Crawl

“After the soup, it was over,” could either be the title of a rom-com that ends in culinary horror, or it could be Nate’s exact words as we left a restaurant that we chose for his birthday a few weeks ago.  If you guessed the latter, you win a free bowl of soup! (Don’t get… Continue reading Tapas Crawl

From Underpants to Fake Plants: The Dos and Don’ts of the Hospital Visit

The Fixin’ Leaks and Leeks Team recently sent one of its most precious members to the hospital: Nate.  For many years, Nate has had the resting pulse rate of a full-time Olympic athlete who might also relax on the weekends by scaling the Scandinavian Mountains and lifting large bricks.  In reality, Nate is a thoroughly… Continue reading From Underpants to Fake Plants: The Dos and Don’ts of the Hospital Visit

Pepper Problems

Picking a pepper from the potted patio plants puts me in a perfectly perplexing position.  Nate has planted plenty of particularly identical peppers in one pot, so picking a pepper is puzzling.  If I pick the wrong pepper, the family salad becomes an overpowering ring of fire that sends everyone to the kitchen sink—fighting to… Continue reading Pepper Problems

Reckless Packing

The size of a suitcase is only limited to the size of my imagination, when I pack for the annual family Sun Mountain Lodge vacation.  I imagine that, if we’re staying four nights, I’ll need about four bags:  two big bags, a smaller bag, and a purse that’s stuffed to capacity.  The family Subaru is… Continue reading Reckless Packing