Pepper Problems

Picking a pepper from the potted patio plants puts me in a perfectly perplexing position.  Nate has planted plenty of particularly identical peppers in one pot, so picking a pepper is puzzling.  If I pick the wrong pepper, the family salad becomes an overpowering ring of fire that sends everyone to the kitchen sink—fighting to… Continue reading Pepper Problems

Reckless Packing

The size of a suitcase is only limited to the size of my imagination, when I pack for the annual family Sun Mountain Lodge vacation.  I imagine that, if we’re staying four nights, I’ll need about four bags:  two big bags, a smaller bag, and a purse that’s stuffed to capacity.  The family Subaru is… Continue reading Reckless Packing

If Alligators Attack, Eat This: Crunchy Tropical Chicken Bowl

Florida is a tropical, magical, terrifying place filled with alligators that get whipped into a frenzy whenever there’s a hurricane. (And there are lots of hurricanes—and alligators. So, the chances of this happening are like astronomically high.)  That’s what I learned from the movie Crawl, which Nate, Alex, and I saw yesterday.  The movie itself… Continue reading If Alligators Attack, Eat This: Crunchy Tropical Chicken Bowl