Taste for Nostalgia

Cryptic creatures called “fruit snacks” showed up at my parents’ house in the mid 80s—along with leg warmers, shoulder pads, and some creepy-looking dolls that had been hanging out in cabbage patches. At first, these snacks seemed a little strange. Were they actually fruit? Were they candy? What were they thinking? What were they up… Continue reading Taste for Nostalgia

Craft Alert: Knotty Nautical Necklace

A shell-shocking screech, from inside our beach mementos collection, triggered the craft alert. According to highly scientific hypotheses that will never be proven with actual science (it’s literally just a hunch), ocean sounds trapped inside conch shells and such, can suddenly just “erupt.” The resulting sound is thus: “eeeeeooowwwwhooosh!” I’m no shell whisperer, but I… Continue reading Craft Alert: Knotty Nautical Necklace

Spot On!

After a bucket of butter took a tumble from a large piece of flatbread I attempted to share with my family at a restaurant, I walked out wearing the aftermath. Two large butter stains showed up on a light jacket I used to keep the air conditioning from blasting me with a tempest of arctic… Continue reading Spot On!