Black and White Photo Challenge

“Featured Image:” Mountains and stream. I’m not counting this one as “one.” It’s just a featured image 🙂

    Sometimes I can’t follow the rules–even though they are pretty clear: “Seven days. Seven black and white photos of your life. No people. No explanation. Challenge someone new each day.”

Was I supposed to post seven photos on seven days or just choose seven days and then post all at once?  I really wanted to post all seven photos on one day. Luckily, sandyjwhite did just that, so I followed her wonderful example. I really want to thank Harini of The Long View for the challenge.  It was loads of fun and I would like to challenge the following bloggers next–if they have not been challenged already:

  1. Elizabeth Drake
  2. mydangblog
  3. Jan Olandese of Book ‘Em, Jano 
  4. Late Bloomer
  5. hocuspocus1
  6. magickmermaid
  7. susiesopinions

So, here we have them: seven photos for October 9th-October 15th–all posted on one day:  October 16th. I did add a brief description to each photo for two reasons:  1)  People with low, limited, or no vision might appreciate a brief description, though I don’t know how helpful my descriptions really are.  2)  I’m not the “best” photographer, since sometimes people say, “Great photo! What is it?” Hopefully the description helps.

Cat looking at giant salmon mask on sofa.
Women’s running shoes.
Youth, male swim jammers, swim goggles, towel, and mesh bag.
Dead cilantro plant.
Kitchen counter top with knives, napkin, beer, chopping board, cilantro, and bowl of tomatoes and black beans.
Rooftops of medieval German-style buildings and mountains in the distance.
Water in a stream running over rocks.

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