Romantic Heart-Shaped Soap for Valentine’s Day

Heart-shaped glycerin soap, filled with green and blue shaped glycerin soap pieces. Photo by Cecilia Kennedy

When clogged toilets and swim meets threaten to ruin the romance between you and your loved one, make scented heart-shaped soaps—fast. This project will have you gazing into your lover’s eyes in no time and saying things like: “This is easy and fun!” “Should we put it in the freezer?”

To start steaming things up, take your loved one to Michael’s Crafts and pick out some clear, glycerin soap “starter.” (There is also goat’s milk soap, which looks really cool as a contrast to the clear glycerin soap, but the possibilities of mixing glycerin soap, goat’s milk soap, molds, scents, and colors were just too overwhelming at the time when Nate and I shopped, especially after spending the day timing swimmers during district meets. This activity absolutely kills all romance. Perhaps unclog the toilet instead.)

Next, select a soap mold—or—in the case of the heart-shaped mold, I used a cookie cutter.

Finally, you might want some colors or scents. I chose glycerin-based colors instead of liquid based colors. I don’t know why. I have no idea what the difference is between them. Extensive research, however, has been done on soap colorants, which you can find on the teachsoap website here. I’m guessing that the glycerin-based color will be brighter and perhaps it won’t bleed into other colors.

The cucumber melon scent I chose was absolutely heavenly. My creations smelled as if freshly sliced cucumbers and melons just fell from the sky and landed in the soap—which does not happen in nature very often. I could stand outside all day with a bar of Ivory and nothing good would fall into that soap, so there’s a lesson in all of this: You can’t stand around all day waiting for things to happen. You have to make them happen.

How to Make Things Happen:

1) Follow the instructions on the glycerin soap “blob” package that you bought at the craft supplies store. I’m summarizing here: Basically just place the “blob” into a container you don’t care about very much. Stick the whole thing in the microwave on “high” for about 30 seconds and then for ten seconds more after that. Stir with a fork you don’t care about very much, either. Repeat the process until the “blob” is melted.

2) Pour some of the melted glycerin into plastic cups and color each one as desired. You can add the scent at this stage as well. Then, either freeze the cups for a while or let them sit in cold water for about 10-15 minutes until the mixtures harden.

3) Pop the colored sections out of the plastic cups and cut the sections into random shapes with the blade of a knife.

4) Melt more clear glycerin and freeze the colored pieces to make sure they have hardened well. Add the scent to the clear, melted glycerin, if desired.

5) Place the frozen colored shapes into molds and pour the clear, melted glycerin over the shapes.

Glycerin soaps made from various molds.  Photo by Cecilia Kennedy.

Not only are the resulting soaps useful, but they’re also romantic, colorful, and pleasantly fragranced. They’re the perfect gift to give when life’s messes get in the way. Just attach the following “to-do list,” disguised as a poem, and let the magic happen:

Don’t forget the chocolate and, perhaps a flower.

Use this heart-shaped soap in the shower.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Your Turn: What’s your favorite thing to make for friends, family, or yourself on Valentine’s Day?








30 thoughts on “Romantic Heart-Shaped Soap for Valentine’s Day

  1. Okay……you sold me with “… if freshly sliced cucumbers and melons just fell from the sky and landed in the soap,,,” I’ve jotted this on my “make and send just because list” for those lucky peeps and loved ones in my life. Great Post, thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. SUCH a great idea, and if they are already gone…..then they are a total hit! That’s better than the “Good House seal of approval”! I wonder if that is still relevant in 2018…? something else to ponder, I suppose! Thank you again for your creative inspiration!

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! I just did a quick internet search for “essential oils and soap making” and seems to be selling many different varieties. I’ve never experimented with essential oils before, so I’m not able to suggest anything that I’ve used–but good luck with your soap shop–sounds like fun!!!


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