Christmas Cookie Finale Extravaganza


The Fixin’ Leaks and Leeks Team hung onto our nuts and butter as long as we could before cramming them into rum balls and snowballs—each one packed with exciting holiday merry mischief. I’ve run these recipes before in an earlier post a few years ago, so I’ll link to that post here: Butter Bumbles and Cookie Crumbles

Also, since 2020 seems to be the year of the kraken, I used Kraken 94 Proof Black Spiced Rum in the rum balls and ran the recipe as a Daily Drunk literary magazine column. Please click on the following link to enjoy “Kraken Balls: A Holiday Treat.”

In Other News: I have two stories in the anthology Atomic Flyswatter Vol. 1. The first one is called “The Cake Box.” (Guess what’s inside the cake box? It’s not a cake!) The second one is called “The Guacamole and Frosé Party,” which includes a less-than-serious, but somewhat disturbing attempt at a lesson about discovering that special something that may be hidden inside each one of us—and that something could come out in front of everyone at a party. The book is for sale on Amazon for just $10. There are a lot of great stories and poems by other authors in there. Here is the link: Atomic Flyswatter Vol. 1

Your Turn: What is on your holiday cooking “bucket list?”

19 thoughts on “Christmas Cookie Finale Extravaganza

  1. I’m still trying to find the recipe for the chocolate, peanutbutter bar cookies the hot lunch ladies made at Enosburg Falls Junior-Senior High School in 1968. I expect it’s an impossible dream.

    Congratulations on your latest publications!

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