Kitty Cat Bathtub Bar


Unwinding after a long day of tearing through the house and slipping (rump first) off the newly polished furniture, is absolutely necessary if you’re a demanding and aggressively affectionate cat. But finding that special place to unwind can be challenging.

Fortunately, there’s an easy solution: the soaking tub (or any tub) in the bathroom. Just let the tap drip lightly, creating a soothing, yet mysterious stream of water that draws the cat like magic over to the gently sloping sides of the tub. Watch the cat (who has been eating lots of treats while snuggling through every freaking episode of Downton Abbey and yowling for more treats/snuggling the entire time), barely be able to get its paws up and over the sides of the tub, before sliding face first into the light pools of water that have gathered.

What will happen next? Will the cat jump back out of the tub, knocking its head on the fancy fixtures and knobs along the way? Will it demand treats and snuggling, yowling loudly enough to wake children from their naps, while their parents post threatening messages on the neighborhood Facebook page about “the neighbors with the extremely loud cat and paper-thin walls?”

Here’s what our lovely SeaTac the cat did:

He bellied up to the bar and drank his fill.

Now, he expects that bar to be open 24/7. He expects it. And when he yowls and demands, it sounds exactly like this: “Quarantine is over, damn it! Open the damn bar! I’ve been cooped up in here with all of you and your projects. Do you have any idea how your projects affect me? A starter dough? Do you really need a starter dough? And all of those plants you’ve killed! You’ve killed a lot of plants, and I just can’t take the horror anymore. Open the bar!”

So, that’s the downside to the kitty cat bathtub bar, but fortunately, our refrigerator with the leaky bladder serves as the overflow when the bathtub bar is closed.

In Other News: We are finally a fully vaccinated familyJ Alex and I got a little sick, but not as sick as Nate.

Also: I’ve had two stories come out on the same day (May 21). They are both dark/horror stories, but they are free to read online, if you want:

“Gender Reveal” in Frost Zone Zine.

–“Dead-End Job” in The Chamber Magazine.

Your Turn: Do you have any pets? What’s their favorite thing to do that annoys you?

25 thoughts on “Kitty Cat Bathtub Bar

  1. We have a Siberian husky who thinks it’s a good idea to bury bones in the guest bed, which involves ripping the bedspread and the sheets. I read your two stories. “Gender Reveal” was chilling. “Dead End Job” is one’s worst post-grad school job nightmare, *shudder*

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  2. SeaTac is full of personality 😀
    Cats seem to expect things to happen all the time, even after you only do something once. I filled a bowl of water and put it in the bath for Merlin, because he likes splashing water everywhere, and now every time it’s empty he smacks the bowl against the side of the bath and meows!

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  3. We had a cat who only wanted to drink from the bathroom sink tap, but at least he was patient and not quite as demanding as SeaTac. Congrats on the stories–both were great reads!

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