Craft Alert: Bunnies Lurking Underground


Today, the craft alarm sounded like a grinding lawnmower, chomping along, growing with maddening intensity—as if it were possessed—until the sweaty, yet determined driver of the machine (Nate), suddenly stopped. He picked up a tuft of dirt and grass in the backyard, inspected it, and put it right back where he found it. Then, he motioned for me to come outside.

After struggling with the sliding glass door and a pair of wayward flip-flops, I trudged out onto the lawn and watched Nate remove the tuft—and huddled underneath were three tiny bunnies, nestled together for dear life.

And, the cuteness—well, the cuteness of it all nearly killed me. I hadn’t seen anything so precious since the time the cat crawled into a box with all of its toys and snuggled them under his rump, his long tail smacking the cardboard lid with delight.

“Oh, they are the sweetest things I’ve ever seen!” I said, while clutching my heart and searching the backyard for the nearest ventilator—as if we just had one lying around.

Nate smiled and went on with his yard work, but I had questions—such as this one:

“What do we do with the bunnies?”

“Nothing,” Nate said. “They’re getting old enough to get out of their hole there and look for food.”

Probably our food. We have tomatoes, basil, and jalapeño peppers growing nearby, so once they’re out, we’ll know. They’ll leave a spicy salsa puree throughout the neighborhood, and that’s how we’ll know that they’re our bunnies and no one else’s.

However, I don’t want to accidentally drive any spikes through the bunny hole or place a hot tub over them or anything, so I thought it would be wise to stick a little reminder outside to help me keep sharp things and such in check. I mean, I might lose my mind and drive a backhoe around or something—or pick one up at Lowe’s thinking, “was I supposed to get a backhoe today? I can’t remember. Better get one just in case.”

So, I made a sign. It took about five minutes—no trouble at all. Here’s what I did:


–I found some random cardboard at the bottom of my office desk drawer.

–In Alex’s room, I found craft wooden sticks. I took one without telling him. I hope he doesn’t read this post. Also, I borrowed some Elmer’s glue.

–In one of the filing cabinets downstairs, I found some painter’s tape and taped the craft wooden stick to the back of the cardboard.

–In a drawer in the “crafting nook” in the bedroom, I found scissors, markers, and a roll of double-stick tape that was on its last legs.

–In the bathroom, under the sink, I found cotton balls.

–In a drawer in the walk-in closet, I found some pink paper.

–Once I’d gathered all of the things, I found Nate, so that he could write “Beware of Bunnies” on the sign. (He has better handwriting than I do.)

–Then, I used the cotton balls as heads for the bunnies, and I cut out pink ears for the tops of the heads.

–I glued the ears to the backs of the “heads” with the Elmer’s glue.

–I had just enough tape to stick the heads onto the sign.

–Finally, I planted the sign into the soil, but far away from the bunny hole; otherwise, I’d be driving a stake through one unfortunate bunny’s heart, and there’s no need for that—unless they’re vampire bunnies.


I think the sign will last just long enough for me to develop the habit of not drilling for oil in the backyard—at least not in that spot.

Your Turn: What’s something you’ve seen that has made your heart melt?

27 thoughts on “Craft Alert: Bunnies Lurking Underground

  1. My dog currently makes my heart melt, as he struggles with age-related illness and mobility problems. (My husband is compensating by making the things he enjoys doing easier for him, such as moving the location of his run, so that he won’t have to climb stairs to get into the house.)

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    1. Oh, I had the most delicious rabbit in Spain once. I was studying abroad and our professor took us north, towards the mountains, and we stayed in a lovely inn. The innkeeper roasted rabbit on a spit all day–and basted it constantly with butter–and it was amazing!

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      1. The last time I ate rabbit was in Québec City in February two years ago. It was icy and cold, but that rabbit poutine in this fancy French-style rabbit restaurant was marvellous.

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  2. Our black Lab brought us two baby bunnies in his mouth one day. They were unharmed, which astonished me. We followed him back to the nest, put the babies back (there was one still there) and put a metal garden fence around them. That way the other dogs couldn’t get them and the mother could still get to her babies. We checked on them from time to time for the next few weeks. Tank was heavily praised that day. He was so proud when he brought them to us. It melted my heart that he was so careful with them.

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  3. This morning a bunny ran across the road in front of me while drive–I was driving, not the bunny. I hit the brakes, grateful no one was behind me. It was cute, but foolish.
    Your sign is adorbs!!!
    My daughter found the white, moldering remains of a gopher carcass in our yard. Skull, big teeth, some back bone and fur. That warmed my heart. One less gopher to be digging holes in our yard. 😉

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  4. Adore the sign! We have babies around here frequently—just last night we all watched from the patio door as a little bunny nibbled grass by the pond. Atlas was beside himself but we told him he’s not allowed to bother the bunnies 😊

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