Make a Craft that Sham-Rocks!


We sham-rock hard here at the Fixin’ Leaks and Leeks Headquarters—turning the milk green, blasting Dropkick Murphys, and counting our lucky clovers that our cherished Guinness beer is not trapped in a shipping container at the bottom of the sea. Even the cat is green on the inside on St. Patrick’s Day. Literally. He ate some plants, we think, and vomited green stuff in the morning. Then, like all of the other St. Patty’s Day revelers at the rise-and-shine Irish buffet raging at 5 a.m., he felt just fine, and thought about going back for a second round.

The only thing missing was a St. Patrick’s Day decoration for the table, but I solved that problem with a craft that puts the “rock” in shamrock. It’s a plant/flower of sorts—one the cat won’t want to eat. And it couldn’t be easier. Here’s what to do:

–Find free, printable templates of shamrock shapes online—and print one out. (Teacher sites are great. They like to celebrate!)

–Cut out the desired shape and place it on a piece of sturdy green paper.

–Trace the shamrock shape onto the paper and cut around the edges. (I tried to cut through felt for a fun, fuzzier shamrock look—just as you might find in nature—but sawing through felt with a pair of scissors was like trying to drive through an oatmeal apocalypse. I switched to paper instead.)

–Find green pipe cleaner, which you might have stuck in a drawer somewhere.

–Also, find the stapler, which might be in the same drawer, under the pipe cleaner.

–Staple the shamrock head onto the pipe cleaner body.

–Place the shamrock flower into a vase—no water needed.

Results: Nate thought I BOUGHT the shamrock plant/flower at the store. That is the highest compliment I’ve ever received for a craft—and it is now recorded here, forever. I think it might be my stapling technique, perhaps? I made sure I lined the staple up exactly with the pipe cleaner stem, so it looked like it came out of a professional crafts factory and not some seedy leprechaun bar, littered with scraps of paper soaked in beer and stuck to the floor—with some random pipe cleaners twisted around the edges.

The cat, on the other hand, is not impressed. He wants his plants back, ‘cause it’s still St. Patrick’s Day somewhere.

Your Turn: Do you like to craft? What’s your favorite thing to make, if you do?

25 thoughts on “Make a Craft that Sham-Rocks!

  1. Glad to hear your cat found a green and tradition-soaked way to participate. I just looked up the patron saint for cats, it’s Gertrude, and she shares her day with Saint Patrick. Based on the medieval illustration they used for the article, I think Gertrude liked to use cats to make sweaters, but maybe it was regular wool and she was making tiny Saint Paddy’s day sweaters for cats I don’t know.

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    1. Oh, I love that! St. Gertrude for the patron saint of cats, sharing Saint Patrick’s Day as well:) Oh, I hope there are St. Paddy’s day sweaters for cats–I’ll bet a quick search on the Internet will show thousands at least. Cheers!


  2. Nice work! Highest compliment indeed! Hope the cat’s okay. My daughter drew and cut out green paper shamrocks, attached them to green string, and strung them from the picture on the wall above our dining room table. She is the crafty one. We’re also fortunate enough to have clover growing in our yard, so that wound up in a vase on the table on top of our green table cloth. Seriously disappointed I didn’t think to play Irish music in the background. Maybe next year.

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    1. Thanks! The cat’s fine, all things considered. He’s been having thyroid problems for the past year or so. We just keep adjusting his medicine to make sure he’s feeling okay. He’s getting old, but there’s still a lot of light behind those eyes–and mischief, so we’re hoping he sticks around for a few more St. Patrick’s Days. Those paper shamrocks sound amazing! Cheers to your daughter!

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    1. Thanks! I’m second generation Irish on my dad’s side and third generation Italian on his side as well. My grandmother on my mother’s side was from Irish heritage, also. Cheers!

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    1. Ha! He is on thyroid medicine to help with all that, but sometimes we have to adjust it. Looks like we’re going to be doing some more adjustments. He seems to be pretty spunky, though, and in good spirits–and eating again. Cheers!

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    1. Ah, we do like to stay organized 🙂 –though we don’t make any of the furniture ourselves. Now, Nate’s dad used to make furniture, and we have a few of his pieces, which we cherish.

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