Oops, I Doodled Again


The best doodles I ever had took the form of a snack called Cheese Doodles. They were squiggly, crunchy nuggets of goodness that resembled Cheetos, but they tasted just a bit better. I ate so many of them during my childhood and teenage years, that you could say I have doodles inside me. Well, one day last week, some doodles came out. They were quite unexpected. An explanation follows:

At work, I’m surrounded by actual artists, who challenge themselves with art prompts and such, and I like to watch them draw. This past week, I went home, grabbed a pen, and took a stab in the dark at doodling. Here’s the result:


Analysis: What’s Happening?

The thing you see here was an attempt, at first, to draw a realistic rendering of my computer mouse, without lifting my eyes from the object, as I drew. Now I realize that the curved shape of the thing you see may or may not resemble a cheese curl. The swirling spirals coming from the creature’s body are some kind of ribbon candy, maybe, and it’s sticky, so some flowers got caught up in the action. This creature obviously has spots, some chicken feet, and it has grown a curly beard.

What Was the Doodling Prompt?

I found out later, when going through some emails at work, that the art prompt—I think—was “best summer memory.” So, that was The. Best. Summer. Ever. Obviously. Also, I did the doodle on lined notebook paper, and it appears that there is some writing. The only words I can make out are, “on my own,” so whatever it is, I did it during the best summer ever—on my own.


There was something relaxing about drawing this creature, and this is my best attempt at doodling, though I do like eating the cheese variety just a bit more (of the “doodles,” not the creature I made. I’m not sure if it comes in cheese flavor). I do think I could take it a step or two further by adding some texture and color—maybe powdery, psychedelic orange—with fingers reaching for its cute little face.

In Other News: I have a work blog post up. Friday was National Toilet Paper Day, and Funko makes a hilariously cute line of figures called “Toilet Ninjas.” The blog post is dedicated to them: On a Roll: Celebrate National Toilet Paper Day with the Toilet Ninjas.

Also, I have a story out in a fun new magazine called Mid-Level Management Literary Magazine. My story, “Secret Sauce,” starts on pages 112/113. It’s in the horror genre, but it’s also funny. It has been described on Twitter as having “a campy 80s/90s corporate horror-satire vibe.” (The Other Folk Literary Magazine)

Your Turn: Is there any art form you would love to pursue or learn more about?

28 thoughts on “Oops, I Doodled Again

  1. I’ve always wanted to try water colors, and last Thursday, I had the chance. It was interesting but not sure I’m interested in pursuing it. I prefer drawing pictures with words.

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      1. It was easier than I expected, at least to do a basic picture of sunflowers. I went with a friend, and she’s an artist. Her flowers were amazing.


  2. Hi. Your essay reminded me that I used to doodle a lot. I guess it happened mostly in high school and college. I remember doodling like crazy in classes along the edges of pieces of paper on which I was taking notes. I’d like to see some of those papers. But I’m pretty sure I tossed them all years ago. Have a good week! Neil

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  3. I can’t draw to save my life, and would love to learn. But I also need to offer my interpretation that it looks like a salamander with bird feet getting married with a lovely bridal veil. Now I’ll call my therapist and figure out what this is all about lol


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  4. Best blog post title ever! I remember doodling in school, eventually turning whatever randomness into something that carried a slight resemblance to something in real life. Nothing as cute as yours, though, I’m sure. 🙂

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