Going Out on a Limb: Decorating Ornaments


Crafty shenanigans abound at the place where I work, so the craft alarm is always ringing—or on the fritz. I work with artists, so even lunch breaks turn into feasts of glitter and glue and all kinds of fun surprises—and here’s one thing I’ve learned: even in the hustle and bustle of the season, it’s still possible to squeeze in a five or ten-minute craft, such as ornament making.

A few weeks ago, I spent a delightful lunch-hour making ornaments with co-workers, and the result is the configuration you see on this blog page. I did not buy any of the decorating items, but there were tons of interesting things to glue to clear ornament shapes of all kinds. I chose a square shape—for no reason—and a huge tube of glue that I had no idea how to open. (One of my co-workers showed me how it’s customary to use scissors to snip off the top and squeeze the tube. This was no ordinary Elmer’s. I wondered if it was too late to ask for glue sticks and maybe a stapler.)

Once I got the glue open, I used something that looked like a miniature plastic scoop and picked up an array of dazzling shapes to glue to my ornament. The shapes included typical seasonal themes such as holly leaves and snowflakes and glittering spheres, but they also included rare gems such as spiders, flattened bear-stars, and crescent-shaped thing-a-ma-jigs.

The resulting ornament is a wonderland of good cheer, fright, and confusion. Effectively, I think I’ve managed to create the experience of a punchbowl of eggnog, under disco lights, while Die Hard plays softly in the background. It’s “Silent Night” meets the spider who sat down next to Little Miss Muffet—and things just spiral from there—until a sparkling, flattened star-bear opens its arms to catch the fallout and drift through transparent flakes of snow until the punchbowl is empty.


Your Turn: Do you have a group of friends or family members with whom you like to cook or do crafts? What’s your favorite thing you’ve ever made?  



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