Ready, Set, Throw!


During a zombie invasion, my best defense is a hatchet. This is what I learned when the Fixin’ Leaks and Leeks Team visited Dave and Buster’s restaurant and video arcade for the first time last weekend. Up until that moment, we were most likely avoiding the strobe lights, alarms, and perhaps the random Skee-Ball we thought would beam us in the head, but we had fun and discovered new skills we didn’t know we had.

Hatchet Skills:

I love a good hatchet throw. I could probably throw hatchets for hours. I did not know this about myself until I found a hatchet-throwing game at Dave and Buster’s. I’m probably not ready for the pro-leagues because at Dave and Buster’s you’re not given a real hatchet. It’s plastic, and the blade is much duller than the real thing, but I think this experience may just be the right warmup for the real thing. New Year. New Me.

Zombie-Blasting Skills:

This is where Nate shines. He can take out a roomful of zombies—every time. I’m a lucky gal.

Car-Racing Skills:

Alex is amazing at race-car games. I tried, but I got dizzy and fell out of my seat after the first lap. (The game is so real!) I also hit other cars and the walls. (Imagine if I had a hatchet!) Alex’s driving, on the other hand, is smooth and controlled—nothing like his mother’s.

Together, the Fixin’ Leaks and Leeks Team racked up some 650 points, which was just enough to buy a shot glass in the prize store that says “Dave and Buster’s” on it—and it’s my new favorite thing. It’s our victory shot glass.

Bring on the zombies! We’ve undergone special training.

Your Turn: What’s your superpower?

24 thoughts on “Ready, Set, Throw!

    1. Ah! But isn’t it a superpower to respond swiftly and insightfully to blog posts and write up fascinating book reviews–and create amazing poetry and prose? Yes–you have all these superpowers and more. Cheers! 🙂

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  1. That…. is awesome. The shot glass would be my new favorite thing, too. Falling off your chair in the car race game. Ha! I so want to try that now–just to see if I would also fall off because it’s so real. I wouldn’t be surprised. It’s so cool that your son enjoys playing with his parents. You’ve got a good one there. Also, there are ax throwing places with real axes and hatchets and needs to sign liability waivers. I’ve been to one. It’s fun, and everyone left with all limbs in tact. You should search for one near you. 🙂

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    1. Alex is so much fun to be around. Of course, Nate and I love him–but we just really like him as a person too. And yes,–I’ve heard of these places, and I can’t wait to go someday. Cheers!

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  2. I’m pretty adept at dodging cutlery, from lifelong training with family, but nothing ever thrown in anger, just people who talk with their hands 🙌 even when they’re cooking, eating or washing dishes, so any mealtime involves dodging, you want to stay alert and limber, especially when their hands are soapy. There’s hatchet- throwing bars, I expect you’ll want to try that now, sharp steel and alcohol being a natural pairing!

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  3. I’ve never gone hatchet or axe throwing. I’d like to try it. I’d like that skill of being able to bisect a zombie’s head and to be able to quickly pull my hatchet from the zombie’s head so I can keep going.
    I’d also like to be able to perfectly penetrate the chest just left to the sternum to open the heart for instant death for the very large zombies.

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  4. Oh I love those places where you get prizes for doing fun stuff. I’m a skeeball champ myself! But I think you better start practicing with a real axe if you want to survive the zombie apocalypse!

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  5. I’ve heard that ax throwing is quite a fun pastime….zombies or not. I’d have to say my own superpower consists of making wine vanish on a pretty regular basis. 😉 Great post as usual, Cecilia.

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