I Went to a Pie and Wine Bar and Now I Want to Live There


If I want to pull off that effortless wrecking-ball-hit-my-kitchen look, I’ll just whip up a pie or two. And then I’ll be out of flour because I always think I need more, and that’s how I end up with dough all over the floor and a pie crust that’s crumbly, but not in a good way.

Or: I could just leave the kitchen intact and head for the Pie Dive Bar in Snohomish, WA. I went there a few weeks ago with co-workers, and we cannot stop raving about it. This establishment serves both sweet and savory pies, so you can order pie for dinner and dessert. As you can see from the feature photo (dinner), and from the photo below (dessert), I kept forgetting to snap a picture before digging into my dish. Not very professional of me, I know, but I don’t regret it.


I ordered the curry chicken pot pie for dinner, and it was just perfect. The curry spices were warm and flavorful, and the crust was flaky and tender. Other pies on the menu that my co-workers ordered included the shepherd’s pie, the corned beef and cabbage pot pie, and the Thanksgiving pot pie. All of them—even the shepherd’s pie with its golden-brown mashed potato topping—included their signature pie crust.

Each slice was generous and came with a salad as well, so the price included in the meal was a real bargain, and dessert pies are only $9—and they include ice cream! (I chose an apple crumble pie slice, which was amazing.)

When the bill arrived, I didn’t want to go, so I considered the following options:

–Ducking into an alley, throwing on a Groucho Marx disguise, and re-entering the restaurant for another round. Pros: I could pull off the disguise. Cons: I was really stuffed. I couldn’t eat another slice of pie, but I could have another glass of wine, maybe.

–Volunteering to make pies in the kitchen in exchange for living in an upstairs office. Pros: I could actually live in the Pie Dive Bar! Cons: I can’t make pies. (See the opening lines to this blog post.) Also, I’m assuming there’s an upstairs office. I’m not sure there is one, but I imagine it’s quaint, cozy, and smells like apple turnovers.

–Starting an open-mic performance, (though I’m not sure they do open mics there). Pros: I could read some of my stories aloud until I got hungry again. Cons: Most of my stories are horror stories, and sometimes they involve blood and guts and rotting flesh and other things you might not want to find in your dinner or dessert.

Those were the only options I could think of, so I eventually had to leave, but I came home with wonderful stories for Nate and Alex—mythical stories of pecan chocolate pies and savory crusts filled with spices and meat—and wine and a vintage space with a juke box and wooden floors and a table by the window—and deep green salads sprinkled with cranberries and cheese and a dressing with just a hint of citrus. You know, the stuff that every mythical story is filled with, minus the sea kraken. There is no sea kraken, unless it’s wrangled into defeat by a powerful blanket of flaky pie crust to soothe the savage beast.

Your Turn: Has the trend of the “pie and wine bar” hit the area where you live? What are some restaurant trends you’ve noticed?

35 thoughts on “I Went to a Pie and Wine Bar and Now I Want to Live There

  1. No. But I love it. You know, I’m usually up on local food trends, but I’m tapped at the moment…maybe tapas style places featuring cuisines other than Spanish? More tasting menus. Asian food continues to be hot here

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  2. This trend hasn’t reached here yet (I hope it is a trend and does get here!) This is a pie and (very fine) coffee town. Back in the Finger Lakes where I grew up, they make pies from wine grapes and those are very tasty, but I don’t remember any place pairing them with wine. When I was a college kid doing a semester in England, on a pretty tight budget, I would save up my pence for a savory pie and they were wonderful. (especially appreciated after you’ve been eating your own cooking = incinerating codfish in a malevolent little oven).

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  3. I’ve not seen any named pie and wine bars, but here in Australia, hot pies are a staple, and at sporting fixtures, a pie and a beer are standard fare.
    I like the idea of lunch meat pie followed by some sweet pie with ice cream and then having a big helping of shepherd’s pie or cottage pie for dinner.

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      1. Hi Cecilia,
        If I drank alcohol, I’d probably be more enthusiastic. I’ll be attending a football game in a few weeks so as I tuck into a meat pie I’ll think of you. 😊


      1. I think what they did was buy the land/property during the pandemic. Then, they had to probably sit on it for a while until they were allowed to open, but they waited, and it turned into a great business.

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  4. No pie&wine bar in Milan, just wine bar. The most trendy restaurants are the ones where the chef has at least three Michelin stars, very good and very exprensive as well. Restaurants never offer pie, but I’d like it. Your posts are always funny and interesting, thank you

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