Get Out…Side


Turn that stroll around the neighborhood into headline HOA news. It’s National Get Outside Day, and, where I live, it’s somewhat cloudy, which means I need to put on my most decked-out Kentucky Derby shirt (because it’s that day too) and gallop away.

National Get Outside Day isn’t just for kids and pets. Here are some activities adults can do outside—with just a few things they might already have lying around the house or in the yard.

–Start a parade. Remember those recorder and/or kazoo lessons you were forced to take in music class? Now’s your chance! Play them for all to hear. Find oversized clown shoes or ride bikes with streamers and honk your horn. It’s National Get Outside Day, after all!

–Sit in a lawn chair outside and occasionally reach for your favorite beverage from a cooler that is also outside. Bring some snacks, too. Drinking beverages works up the appetite.

–Paint rocks with inspiring messages or funny incidents from the news like this: “500 pounds of creepy pasta dumped near a ravine in the woods in New Jersey.” Then, hide them, collect them, and reward yourself by sitting in a lawn chair outside and occasionally reaching for your favorite beverage from a cooler.

–Draw hopscotch patterns in chalk on the sidewalk, but make them in funny shapes, like snails, mazes, a pair of pants, or that neighbor that puts the dog doo-doo in a plastic bag in your recyclable bin.

–Play carnival music and place carnival games in the backyard. Corn hole tournaments would be easy to set up—or you could fill a kiddie pool with a menagerie of tiny bowls or plates and take turns throwing ping pong balls in to see who can land them into the bowl or plate the most times. The winner gets a lawn chair and a cooler for beverages—for outside use, of course.

–Count how many times that super cute bird in the tree looks at you with its beady eyes and swoops down to peck at your hair because you’re not normally outside, and it doesn’t want you there. When you make it to number 22, it’s time to go back inside for a little while.

–Yard work. After all, you are an adult, and there is adulting to do, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take karaoke breaks in the middle of the lawn or play croquet between the legs of all the pink flamingos in the neighbors’ front yards.

Your Turn: Will you go outside today? What will you do?

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