A Pledge

Puget Sound/Mountains in the Background. Photo by Cecilia Kennedy

On the Fixin’ Leaks and Leeks blog, I have challenged Betty Crocker to throw downs and made unsubstantiated claims about the plants on my windowsill. Currently, I believe they’ve hacked into our bank account and are plotting to move to Bermuda. I’ve heard whispering—and have found search histories on my computer.  I promise to write more about all of this in a later post.

Right now, though, there are more pressing issues to acknowledge, such as the many ways in which people of color are systemically marginalized and harmed. Black lives do matter. There are steps for recognizing injustice and speaking up—for being an ally. As a start, articles and book lists abound. I’m listening, reading, and learning.

As a result, I will also aim to be a conscientious ally. My efforts, like most of the projects I make on this blog, will be awkward as hell, but I will do my part to engage in and support transformative work that calls for access, equity, justice, and peace.


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