Corn Trays and Bananas

Banana split, nestled inside a plastic corn-on-the-cob tray. Photo by Cecilia Kennedy

Summer just sailed in on little corn trays—swimming in rivers of caramel and coronavirus Phase 2 indiscretions. (I forgot my face mask once, and I touched my nose at least 20 times.)

Here’s how everything went down: I opened a kitchen drawer and found my yellow plastic corn trays and realized that I just don’t use them often enough. We don’t eat that much corn-on-the- cob. If plastic corn trays are left unattended in a kitchen drawer for too long, they will have no choice but to bet on horses. That gets expensive after a while.

So, I decided I’d better fill those corn trays and fill them fast. I turned them upside-down and examined them closely—carefully considering what could go inside. There were so many possibilities: dips, giant Jell-O shots, a whole mess of chicken nuggets, cheese spread, chocolate—or they could be turned into tiny, classy beer “troughs.”

However, I eventually decided that they would make the perfect vessels for banana splits. Also, I was binge-watching the Masked Singer and saw that a banana was one of the contestants, so I had bananas on the brain. (Spoiler Alert: The banana was unmasked, and Brett Michaels was inside. I can now no longer listen to “Every Rose Has its Thorn” and NOT think of a banana. Thanks, Brett.)

Quickly, I sliced a banana lengthwise and placed it on either side of the tray. Then, I placed about three scoops of vanilla and chocolate turtle/caramel ice cream in the middle. I topped the whole mess with marshmallow sauce, chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, whipped cream, and sprinkles.

And—it was the perfect summer afternoon snack, which inspired me to write the following song lyrics. I’ll wear a banana costume while singing it—to the tune of Copacabana:

There were some corn trays

In the kitchen

But they were getting all upset

‘Cause they hadn’t been used yet

And that’s when Mama

Hacked a banana

And threw it into those trays

They just had to change their ways

They would be festive now

And hold some yummy chow

Ice cream and toppings on a raft

It is summer now!

In the kitchen—Phase 2 Kitchen!

The hottest spot north of the TV

In the kitchen—Phase 2 Kitchen!

Bananas and passion are always in fashion in the kitchen

Just grab a spoon.

Your Turn: What shows are you watching? What is your favorite snack?















20 thoughts on “Corn Trays and Bananas

  1. You had me at banana split–and if there is singing and dancing involved, all the better. I haven’t had time to watch any television lately, so the banana split song will have to serve as my entertainment for the day. My favorite snack recently would be M & Ms.

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  2. I just reorganized part of my kitchen yesterday and was considering getting rid of my corn cob trays, but now, no way! What a great idea that I think my entire family will get behind.

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