Lavender Cocktail

Lavender cocktail glass on a white plate with fresh lavender. Photo by Cecilia Kennedy

Many strange and wonderful things are popping up all over the yard, such as empty fireworks droppings, colossal atomic slugs of some kind, other kinds of droppings—and lavender. It’s like a whole new world to discover each day! Of all of the things in the yard though, I’m most pleased with the lavender. (The colossal atomic slugs are a close second.) I had never noticed the lavender until now. It has always been there. Nate has tried to tell me multiple times, but I’ve never listened. Here’s an example:

Me: Oh, how I wish we had lavender in our yard!

Nate: We do. It’s in the front yard.

Me: I’d make a drink that included a simple syrup with lavender—or a lavender and mint rub for lamb. We should really grow some.

Nate: We have two shrubs of it growing in our yard.

Me: There’s a beautiful maple tree that turns red in the fall—but no lavender.

Nate:  The lavender is situated at 9 o’clock from the tree . . .

In any case, I replayed those conversations in my mind as I sweltered on the elliptical machine. I was starting to grow thirsty and wondering what lavender would taste like in drink form. In a foggy haze of exercise stupor, I heard “9 o’clock from the tree, 9 ‘o clock from the tree” and I realized what Nate was trying to tell me: Quit getting distracted by colossal atomic slugs and find that lavender!

So, I did. I found it exactly where Nate said it would be—all purple and perky and just waving in the wind as if to say, “Hey, there!”

I said, “Hey, there!” back and snipped off their tops with a pair of sharp scissors.

Then, I got to work on the following drink recipe:


½ cup of granulated sugar

½ cup of water

2-3 tablespoons of lavender leaves—washed and dried

½ ounce of tequila OR: just plain club soda. Unfortunately, we did not have club soda in the house, so I just used tequila, which is not really a substitute for club soda, now that I think about it.


Combine the sugar, water, and lavender leaves in a small saucepan. Over medium heat, heat the mixture and stir until the sugar dissolves.  Then, let the mixture cool.

Into a glass, pour about half of the simple sugar mixture.  Then, add either the tequila or the club soda. (Both could be added to cut the sweetness.)

Results: Without the club soda, the drink is very sweet, almost like a liquor, but the lavender taste is refreshing. Here’s Nate’s reaction:

“I can taste the sugar, the lavender, and the tequila. I can taste each thing in this drink.”

I’m not sure if that review is helpful to you or not. If you enjoy tasting “each thing” that goes into a drink, then this concoction will certainly tick all of your boxes—or something like that.


Your Turn: What unusual things have been popping up in your yard lately? Would you make a drink out of any of them? If so, what would it be?



28 thoughts on “Lavender Cocktail

  1. Hello there. This is sort of related to your essay: I recently bought a variety pack of beers from Magic Hat brewery. One of the selections in the pack is made with elderberry. I didn’t think I’d like it, but I do. Take care. Bye till next time!

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    1. Thanks! We are doing well so far–except the tub in our son’s bathroom is broken and we can’t find anyone to fix it–I think that may be the next post:) If that’s our only problem though, we are doing really, really okay:) I hope you’re doing well too! Cheers!


  2. Our lavender is just beginning to blossom. My husband doesn’t like the smell but I think it is heavenly – not sure I’d like the flavor though. I usually wait until it is nearly done blossoming to cut any because our bees love to forage it. Yesterday my son-in-law brought over a beer that he bought that was made with coffee and cholate in a whiskey barrel. I only took one sip but could taste coffee, chocolate and whiskey. 🙂

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  3. About the only things popping up in our yard are miniature oak trees from last year’s acorns. I wouldn’t want to eat them, however. For me, the jury’s out on lavender: I kinda like the smell of it, but I kinda don’t.

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    1. I have heard of acorn liquor–I heard of it in Spain and I tried it when I was a study-abroad student. It was wonderfully sweet. In this drink, the lavender might have a kind of soapy-ish smell/taste to it. I liked it (not that I like soap), but I definitely loved it as a rub, mixed with other spices, on lamb. I had that as a dish in a restaurant once and it was delicious. Cheers!

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  4. Classic! “We did not have club soda…so I just used tequila…”
    A wonderful approach to drink-making. And speaking of approaches, the “Hey There, Off With Their Heads, Snip, Snip” is also direct and great, and also made me laugh. I don’t drink tequila, but will try this with club soda, sounds interesting.
    There used to be an English tea room, in the town next to ours, and the owner, who was English, and made tea, in the room, also made lavender cookies, which my grandfather liked, although he used to alarm and puzzle her, by suggesting she add garlic, which he suggested for every type of food he ever ate, I think. Her last name was Dallywater, which I thought was great, and her lavender cookies were pretty tasty, and smelled nice.
    I’ll look forward to whatever catsup or canapé recipe (soup maybe?) you figure out, to use up the atomic slugs.

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    1. Yes–I should write a blog about what you can substitute if you don’t have certain ingredients. Thanks so much for this hilarious post–and those lavender cookies sound awesome!!


  5. Now I want lavender in my yard. That drink sounds super yummy. Also, having lavender in my yard would be delightful. I’d even go to the trouble of attempting this drink on my own.
    Friends made me a drink comprised of triple sec, lime LaCroix, squeezed lemon juice, and whiskey. Honestly, my first reaction was that I could taste each component! The drink was very tasty.

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  6. We live very close to a lavender farm that sells all kinds of amazing products, from soap to syrup, apple compote with lavender, and even lavender chocolate. It’s one of my favourite places. I’m planning to plant my own lavender garden once I’m on holidays!

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