Crack Open a Kraken

Sky Kraken Beer from the Fremont Brewing Company in Seattle. Photo by Cecilia Kennedy

The kraken may be a tentacled creature that terrorizes sailors, but it makes one heck of a good beer. It’s like the kraken just reaches its menacing appendages far onto shore—and pulverizes the first grapefruit it sees, turning it into a beer with a delicate, citrusy flavor that makes me say, “Why, Kraken! I didn’t know you could be so gentle!”

Seriously, it’s the first IPA I’ve ever tasted that didn’t make me feel like I drank an entire loaf of bread that also burned my throat—as if an actual kraken had slipped into the bottle and tried to pull me under the barstool—and not in a fun way. Not in a fun way at all.

Instead, this Sky Kraken beer from the Fremont Brewing Company in Seattle reminds me a bit of my childhood breakfasts—not that I had beer for breakfast. I didn’t. I ate a lot of grapefruit, especially in the summer when it was hot enough to fry a kraken on the sidewalk, and we didn’t have air conditioning. That grapefruit was so refreshing. This beer captures that refreshing grapefruit flavor, without the bitterness I would expect.

And maybe that’s what the Fremont Brewing Company had in mind when they took the kraken from myth, memory, and nightmares—and put it in the sky—to lighten it up a bit. However, when I look closer at the graphic on the can, I do see an angry looking cloud that swirls up behind the creature, and the kraken has this badass look on its face, with its tentacles flying wildly as if it’s saying, “Yeah, I ALSO live in the sky, so look out!” But I will gladly look out and up and everywhere I can to find this beer—especially if we somehow run out of grapefruit.  And this sea-tossed sailor on the Good Ship Whiplash doesn’t want scurvy, so cheers! Cheers to the Sky Kraken, a swashbuckling beer!

 In other news: 

–My broccoli sprouts are growing!!! Here’s a picture:  IMG_4815

–Alex’s bathtub is fixed. Some workers came in and pulverized the heck out of the bathroom and put this new tub/wall in. It took longer than I thought, and it sounded, really really scary. But it’s done–here’s a picture: IMG_4814

–I was selected to be a guest reader for an awesome literary magazine, Headway Quarterly. They are not accepting submissions right now, but here is some information about them—along with my bio and the bios of the other awesome guest readers I’ll be joining. Here’s the link: Headway Quarterly (About).

Your Turn:  What did you used to eat for breakfast? Do you have a favorite beverage?



28 thoughts on “Crack Open a Kraken

  1. Congratulations on your guest-reader gig! It should be a lot of fun. My favorite breakfast as a kid as leftover devil’s food birthday cake. My favorite beverage at that time in my life was root beer Fizzies. I’d imagine that to the adult palette Fizzies would be pretty vile.

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  2. The beer sounds excellent, and I always like a good IPA or lager on a hot summers day after a round of golf. Interesting name as well. I had never heard the name Kraken until your city’s new NHL franchise announced that they would be known as the Seattle Kraken. I look forward to the 2021 – 2022 season when our Vancouver Canucks will welcome their new rival, the Seattle Kraken!

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