Boozy Shamrock Shake


The pounding drums, bagpipes, and electric-guitar sounds, characteristic of the Dropkick Murphys’ style, have been blasting through the house since February 15th. Every night, when I make dinner, I’ve been selecting the Celtic punk station on Pandora, plugging in the speakers, and cooking up a raucous meal of very healthy vegetables and lean proteins. Getting the house ready for St. Patrick’s Day, for me, means setting the mood—early.

“It seems that Saint Patrick’s Day has lasted a long time. March has been a long month,” Nate said, just yesterday.

Yes, because March 17th began February 15th in a desperate effort to usher in the new-spring-never-been-more-eager-to-get-a-vaccine-in-my-life-but-I-will-patiently-wait-my-turn-is-it-my-turn-yet-no-okay-I’ll-just-wait-days.

Here’s a list of things that I must do in order to be fully prepared for St. Patrick’s Day:

–Learn to pour a Half and Half (a Guinness/Harps layered beer). Done. You can read all about it here, in my latest Daily Drunk column: Pouring a Guinness/Harps Glass of Magic.

–Make a Boozy Shamrock Shake. Done. (See the recipe below).

–Shop for and plan a Leprechaun invasion (which involves turning all of the milk in the house green and serving it with green pastries and confections). Steps 1-4 are done. Steps 5-20 need to be completed at precisely 5 a.m. March 17th.

Each step above should be done with mindfulness and careful intention, which is why I’m going to concentrate on just the Boozy Shamrock Shake for now, which couldn’t be easier to make:


2/3 of a cup of vanilla ice cream

1 ounce (or more) of peppermint schnapps

¼ cup of milk (whole, 2%, 1%, skim—whatever you like. I used skim, and the drink came out just fine.) You can use more if you need to thin your shake out.

1-2 drops of green food dye


–Blend everything together and pour into a glass.

Results: This drink is a smooth, minty not-your-back-of-the-minivan-with-mom-driving-recklessly-to-practice-McDonald’s-drive-thru-shake. Well, it kind of is but better because I saw shamrocks and rainbows with pots of gold. They momentarily shimmered in emerald fields.

Your Turn: What are you looking forward to this spring?

27 thoughts on “Boozy Shamrock Shake

  1. Your shake sounds delicious and appropriately alcoholic for St Paddy’s Day. I had the Dropkick Murphys on this morning as I got ready for work, and also in anticipation of tomorrow. I am looking forward to going for walks without bundling up against the cold wind, barbecuing with friends and hopefully having some larger gatherings if I get vaccinated soon. Hope all is well in your world, Cecilia.

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  2. Well, this shamrock shake sounds a perfect back-of-the-minivan-tot-for-tots, to keep the little dears quiet on their way to stepdance practice and hurling games. What am I looking forward to this spring? Spring weather, usually sometime after Memorial Day in this parts.

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    1. Thanks! They are opening up more possibilities for people to get vaccinated here in Washington, but Nate, Alex, and I don’t qualify yet–so we’ll wait. Hopefully our governor will open it up to everyone starting May 1st? That’s Biden’s wish, but every state is different. Cheers!


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