Craft Alert: Loopy Petal Spring Flowers


The craft alarm, which sometimes sounds like a retching cat, prompted me to steer the Fixin’ Leeks and Leaks Team directly into the storm: the paper towel stash for the cat’s hurricane of unrecognizable aftermath (what IS the cat eating?)  and Michael’s Crafts. You see, the cat can’t resist a beautiful flower arrangement. Nate bought some flowers for the table, and the cat, unbeknownst to us, eats them. Even if we hide them. Even if he KNOWS he feels terrible the next day.

But I really want pretty spring flowers, and I don’t want cat vomit, so I found this website called “Easy Peasy and Fun,” which had these adorable loopy paper petal flowers.

Here’s the problem: When I ransacked the crafts supply stash, I was horrified. I only found sad, faded orange and black construction paper, some kind of glitter, and a sock stuffed with scraps of green felt I really don’t remember buying.

I needed to go to the crafts supply store, and Nate and Alex were bored enough to tag along, so I’m counting it as our spring break vacation. We really whooped it up in Michael’s Crafts. We. Hit. Every. Aisle. It was very difficult to contain myself, but I managed to walk out with JUST multi-colored paper and green pipe cleaners. Alex found a great deal on canvases for his art-work, and Nate found something that made me absolutely weak in the knees. This is how he put it:

“Hey, Cecilia, you’ve got to come down this aisle over here and explain to me what these machines are. There are these machines that make all kinds of things.”

“What? Are they 3-D printers? Are they selling 3-D printers in crafts stores now?”

“I don’t know. They just. . . they just make things.”

When I followed Nate down the crafting aisle in question, I realized he had found Cricut machines, which I don’t need now, but I did need them when Alex was in elementary and middle school. Nate and I temporarily lost our minds for a good three years and enrolled Alex in a one-of-a-kind “exclusive” school of sorts. What made it exclusive was its demanding curriculum of poster creation for every single subject. The Cricut machine would have been so helpful back then, but I don’t need it now, until Nate pointed out that some of them also can be used for sewing. I just about passed out. Oh, the damage I could do if I knew how to sew! And then, there were the mugs. You can stick an entire mug into one of these machines and it will paint designs on it, and I was trying to justify to myself how much mug merch I could sell with the Fixin’ Leaks and Leeks “brand,” which is not entirely clear to me just yet. We circled that aisle like a couple of hungry sharks who realized they were no match for the orcas that are the Cricut machine. We just had to back away. Back away all the way back home.

Back at home, I tore into the paper supply right away, and sort of kind of followed the “Easy Peasy” instructions for making the flowers, which you can find here: Paper Flower Craft.

The loops of my finished flower are a little lopsided and the whole thing is held together by an intricate patchwork of staples and clear tape. Because of this method, I was able to create one model in just under 15 minutes. I have to make a whole lot more if I want to put them in a vase on the dining room table, but I’m pretty sure that the cat is not interested in tape or paper or staples. And, we will have a lovely reminder of our spring break, which will last for years to come. But a commemorative mug-making machine would have been the ultimate souvenir.

Your Turn: What are your spring plans?

23 thoughts on “Craft Alert: Loopy Petal Spring Flowers

  1. We were at Michael’s yesterday! Nothing exciting to report from that visit, however. I most certainly did not see that machine there!! I would’ve spent a good bit of time looking at it and pondering the possibilities, however.
    My spring plans are to find the fake flower wreath and hang it on the door.

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  2. Will the cat now eat your pretty craft flower? The cat’s vomit and faeces will have a wonderful kaleidoscope of colours!
    I’m in autumn now and my plans are about preparing for winter and all the comfort foods I can enjoy 🙂

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    1. I know what you mean:) We stay home, even though things are opening up–still working from home–still exercising at home–just an occasional trip to the store, but we don’t stay long. Can’t wait for that vaccine!

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  3. I miss craft stores. Ours have been shut for ages and won’t reopen until April 12th.
    As far as I know restrictions start to relax from the 29th though, so we might be able to have tea with mum in her garden for Easter 🙂

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    1. Everything is opening up here–to 50% capacity. The plan is to have the vaccination ready for anyone who wants it by May 1, but still, Nate, Alex, and I are being super cautious and mostly staying home.

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      1. It’s strange how differently countries have approached lockdown. In the UK we’ve vaccinated about 50% of the population, but our reopening is still very cautious and non essential shops will be closed for another 3 weeks. It’s working though, our death and infection rates are really low and hopefully by June life will be back to normal 🙂 Stay safe, and hopefully the vaccines are available on schedule!


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