Chupa Chups Lollipops: Get in my Easter Basket


At a certain Rite-Aid, in an undisclosed location, hopped up on sodas and Pixy Stix, I wiped the Easter display aisle clean of various assortments of confetti-arrayed confections. Then, I hippity-hopped home, only to realize that what I really needed was 34 more ounces of lollipops—but not just any lollipops—Chupa Chups. But not just any flavor of Chupa Chups. I wanted the layered, ice cream flavored variety that I remember as a Spanish lit graduate student in the late 90s. At the time, the supervisor of all of the teaching assistants within the department had an office crammed with colorful teaching supplies, books, an aquarium for George (Jorge) the goldfish, and a huge stash of Chupa Chups, help-yourself-style. And, one day, I indeed helped myself—to the whole stash, eating more than the polite one, maybe two. I completely wore out my welcome before going to the store and getting my own.

And now, years later, I’m thinking about them again, but I know that flitting about to every dime store and shopping outlet in town would only yield bitterness and tantrums, where I’d tear apart bags of cellophane Easter grass and shout, “Everything’s ruined! Where’s my mimosa?”

Instead, I went straight to the Internet, clicked a box, and within two “working” days, I had Chupa Chups on my front porch.

And, I had questions. So, I did some wild research for incredibly fascinating facts, and I settled on the first links that showed up because I was that determined. Fascinating facts came at me hard and fast, but I’ll limit them here to two standouts:

–Chupa Chups are from Barcelona, Spain—invented in the late 1950s.

–Salvador Dalí designed the logo.

That’s all I needed to know. I’ve been eating confections, tightly wrapped in Dalí art. Pinch me; I’m dreaming!

 As you might know, the name of the candy comes from the verb “chupar” in Spanish, which means “to suck,” so I’m guessing that these days, with so much that seems to just “suck,” adding the word “lollipop” in English for the American market is probably a way of saying, “but in a good way.” I am glad, however, that the name Chupa Chups was not translated into English, because something like “Sucka Suck” would be frightfully unnecessary. Chupa Chup is much catchier and fun to say. (Choopah Choop).

And then, there’s this question from Nate: So, is the Chupa Chup related to the Chupacabra? Absolutely not, since a Chupacabra cannot be placed on a stick and enjoyed by children.

In any case, the Chupa Chup ice cream flavors are to die for. The chocolate-vanilla variety is fabulous: A river of cocoa mixes with vanilla in a dreamy, dreamy way. The strawberry-cream flavor is equally delightful: a strawberry citrus sensation melts into smooth vanilla streams.

I’m told that these lollipops can last all day, but not for me. I just bite their heads off. For me, they’re a crunchy, sweet snack that nearly cracks my teeth every time, but I don’t care.

Pro Tip: If you are struggling to remove the wrapper (it’s on there tight), twist from the bottom and remember:

Righty tighty

Lefty loosey

Chupa Chups

Make Easter juicy

Your Turn: Do you have a favorite childhood candy?

33 thoughts on “Chupa Chups Lollipops: Get in my Easter Basket

  1. This candy it totally new to me, Cecelia! Interesting to learn about the background. I remember some candies my paternal grandmother used to keep at her house. They were shaped like raspberries and were hard, with a soft center. They were so good, and every time we went over there, I hoped she would offer us some:)

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  2. Ok a new quest, I need to try these! One of my favorite artists. When they melt, do
    Chupa Chups look like those watches in “The Persistence of Memory?” Now I’m thinking of candies by all sorts of artist, hmm, may be tough to market “van Gogh’s Potato Eaters.” “Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup” where you spray-paint the broth into your bowl I guess.

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  3. Oh I remember these, they were so good! I think I’ll have to order some too 😀
    I loved Refresher bars as a kid, still do. Nothing beats sherbet filled chew bars, although the price has inflated loads in recent years!

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      1. They’re so good, they come in basic lemon or strawberry flavour. My partner works in a discount store which sells all kinds of sweets from my childhood, so I’ve sent him on a mission after work today to pick me up some goodies 🙂

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  4. Wow, I thought Chupa Chup was an Indian lollipop. Not only is it not, Salvador Dali!
    My favourite as a kid was those whistle lollipops. They were whistle shaped and made a squelchy whistle. You could enjoy the sweetness and be really annoying at the same time. Did you have those?

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