Dip or Sauce?


To the asparagus in the house, I must confess: The Joy of Cooking dill sauce that I made to cover your tender green stalks has been taken over by a sack of Lay’s Potato Chips, dunked over and over again into the creamy goodness, until just a thin smear on the sides of the bowl remained—and I licked that bowl clean. Indeed, the Fixin’ Leaks and Leeks Team loves The Joy of Cooking’s dill sauce so much that it has taken center stage on our table—as a dip. Welcome to hell, asparagus. I imagine you writhing and screaming with envy, but take heart: the chips have run out, and I have extra ingredients on hand for more sauce, so go on, don’t be shy. Take a dip—soak your spears, bring some friends.


Creating a “plunge pool” of dill dip is my last fleeting fantasy for summer, but the recipe only makes enough for a puddle. Of course, you could double it, triple it, quadruple it, but it would never be enough. It’s a tangy addiction—and I’m willing to share. Using The Joy of Cooking’s recipe for the sauce, I combine the following ingredients in a bowl:

–1 ½ tablespoons of finely minced shallots

–2 tablespoons of finely chopped fresh dill

–1/2 cup of fat free Greek yogurt—plain

–2 teaspoons of Dijon mustard

–salt and pepper to taste

And that’s it. Couldn’t be simpler. Just open the patio door, set the dip or sauce or whatever you want to call it onto the picnic table, and watch all of the chips and vegetables in the house happily hurl themselves to their death, drowning in waves of shallots and dill.

Your Turn: What’s your favorite season, and what’s your favorite way to enjoy every last moment of it?

22 thoughts on “Dip or Sauce?

  1. Almost any recipe with mustard is a winner for me – and this one sounds great ’cause Summer is on its way for us down-under.
    However, Autumn has to be my most fave season. I love the changing colours, the slight chill in the air, and, of course, the relief from our hot Aussie Summers!

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  2. Sounds tasty, I usually eat asparagus plain. but I’d definitely give this a try, dip my toes (figuratively only).
    Favorite season is definitely Autumn, cool, crisp weather, apples, pumpkin pie, warm cider & bourbon, and that first hard frost that wipes out the mosquitoes.

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