Valentine’s Day Cards You Can Act Like You “Made”


The scissors and glue in the crafting closet got hitched and ran off to some secret honeymoon location. This has happened to me more than once, especially when I’m about to use scissors and glue to help make home-made Valentine’s Day cards for the heart and soul of the Fixin’ Leaks and Leeks Team, Nate. With so many of my crafting supplies falling in love with each other and eloping, I’m left with some very sorry and un-romantic options for Valentine’s Day cards, such as dried lentil beans and plastic spiders. (Female spiders eat the male ones after mating. “Hungry for you, Valentine”—sounds very enthusiastic, but so wrong.)

Luckily, plenty of more interesting options for Valentine’s Day cards exist at the grocery store, and there are even a few that let you add your own touch. An “etch-your-own-drawing” kind of card got my immediate attention, and the fact that there were sharks on it also just appealed to the horror fan in me. Nothing says love like a shark on a valentine or a plane or swirling through a tornado or all three.

When I brought the package of cards home, I was not disappointed. Each one was lovingly terrifying, yet amazingly fun. The cards come with a wooden stylus, and you just use it to scratch the plastic coating away on the card, thus revealing rainbow colors below. On the back, you can write who the card is from—and for. Captions for the cards include things like, “You’re Amazing,” etc., but I chose “You’re Unstoppable” for Nate because he is literally unstoppable. He will just do things, like start the laundry—which is a wonderful gesture—and though Nate has not done this yet, I might suddenly realize I stuck my bra in the laundry basket without any laundry protective mesh garment bag around it—and when it might come out of the laundry, smelling fresh and clean, it could also have taken on the shape of the agitator rod that sticks up from the bottom of the washing machine.

In any case, I just have one “pro-tip” to share, if you want to get yourself a shiver of shark, rainbow-etch Valentine’s Day cards: Use them up quickly before they run off to Las Vegas with the rest of your crafting supplies, which may or may not include a misshapen bra.

In Other News: Hey! I have a work blog up—from work! Check it out here: “Capturing Your Collection—Funko Photography Tips and Tricks”—enjoy!

Your Turn: What are you treating yourself to for Valentine’s Day?

38 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Cards You Can Act Like You “Made”

  1. I remember these scratch-off pictures from schooldays, I cannot draw so they’re a great invention. As is sharks for Valentines Day, nice change from 💕 pink hearts, etc. although the sharks might enjoy those for a snack.

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  2. I’m hungry for you with added female spiders (in print of course) sounds just the thing my man would find hilarious. I know, he has a strange sense of humour. But, just saying that would work. Pink puppy dogs and pussy cats – nah. He’d wonder if I had some sort of brain bug!

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  3. Those look like a lot of fun! Around here, we just grab whatever card out of the card box and doctor it for the occasion. For example, “Congratulations on your promotion–you deserve it!” becomes “Congratulations on your birthday–you deserve it!” It’s become a bit of a family tradition. And well done on your work blog!

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