Crates are Great: Bookshelves are Better


The Fixin’ Leaks and Leeks Team parents are thrilled to announce that we’re more fun than a modern, co-ed campus dormitory. That is to say, our rigorous routine of talking to one another, cooking with music on, dance lessons, improv, fun television, exercise, and regular sleep patterns, is absolutely legendary. In other words, we’re not the ones locked in our dorm rooms, strapped to a pair of headphones, and playing Legends of Zelda until 3 a.m. And neither is our son. So, the kid has moved back home—and we’re happy to have him.

He will commute to college to take his classes, join a nearby gym (the gym is mostly closed or limited on campus—can’t find people to staff it), eat regular meals (the cafeteria hours are hit or miss—again, because staffing is scarce), and have someone to talk to, even if it’s just his parents. So, we got the conversation ball rolling with “the talk” about bookshelves:

“Hey! There’s a lot of crap all over your room at the moment. Should we continue to stuff it into crates, or should we get some bookshelves?”

Alex decided that he is at a point in his life where he should have some bookshelves.

I believe, one day, he may have just given himself the following words of advice: “I’m a man now, and I’ve decided I’m the kind of man who will have a bookshelf, maybe two. Who knows?”

Don’t get me wrong, stacked crates, turned sideways, to look like shelves for knick-knacks, papers, and a few books, are charming. I even found stenciling kits with patterns you could paint onto the crates for a fun, yet more put-together-look, but not one of us pulled those patterns out and started painting. Instead, the crates and papers just piled up, and if you weren’t careful, if you sat down anywhere in Alex’s room, you could walk out with sticky notes, receipts, and splinters all stuck to your backside.

So, Alex went to the local hardware store and bought a shelving unit and put it together, and his room looks amazing. The bookshelves have absolutely transformed it from a sea of crates and loose-leaf paper, drifting along aimlessly with sharp points sticking out, to a calm, safe, orderly arrangement that reduces stabbing and injury. Of course, the closet is still very much fraught with danger, but one step at a time. We’ll save the talk about sensible shoe racks and additional shelving units for clothes for another day. Until then, we’re advising Alex to use a helmet and proceed with caution when opening that door.

Your Turn: What’s a piece of furniture you absolutely cannot live without (besides a bed)?

31 thoughts on “Crates are Great: Bookshelves are Better

  1. How interesting that your son only used crates. My 16 year old son was gifted 2 bookcase cabinets and they are stuffed with his manga. I can’t live without my kitchen cookware. I love to cook and would be lost without all my gadgets!

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  2. Gotta have a couch or sofa. Big enough to stretch out on. If you dump your laundry on the bed or floor, or stash it in the dishwasher, you’re a slob, but if you have a sofa to dump it on, you’re a standup citizen who is sorting his laundry. Even if you don’t get around to ever really sorting it, you’ve at least got a plausible storyline.

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  3. Other than my bed, I need one chair, although it’s not to sit at a table to eat because I do that standing up. It’s just to sit in for behind my laptop on my dining table.

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  4. I’m on a minimalist vibe, so bear with me here, but… those plastic organizers with 3 or 4 drawers. I can mostly fit everything I own (other than my books) in one of them, and it’s easy to move them around when I get the ‘moving furniture around’ bug, which is often!

    Also, you and the husband have raised a fine young man, from what I can see here! Cheers! ❤

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  5. Oooh….tough call but my vanity. There is nothing I enjoy more than sitting in the morning and taking time for myself. This is really closely followed by my desk

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  6. I have one son who is neat and his room is organized, the other well… you take your life (or at least your feet) in your hands walking into his room. At least your son decided to take the initiative to organize himself. I’m sure you are enjoying having him home again. Hmm a piece of furniture I can’t live without? a comfortable chair to curl up in and read a good book or play a game on my phone

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