Tips for a Scary Good Time at a Monster Truck Rally


Crawling out of my house-cocoon to see a live performance, I figured, would involve sequins, fancy shoes, a crown—perhaps velvet cushioned seats in theaters swirling with gold froufrou. I never thought I’d scroll through Facebook, find an advertisement for Monster Trucks, and shout through the house: “Nate, baby! We’re going to see Monster Trucks! Tickets are cheap. That means we can take Alex, too!”

I honestly don’t know what came over me. Was it the dirt flying in the picture? The trucks decorated with teeth and scary-looking things? What was happening? I didn’t have time to question my choices. My gut spoke to me, and it said, in a scary Monster Truck voice, “BUY THOSE TICKETS NOW.”

When the day finally arrived, I simply could not contain myself until 7 p.m. when the event would take place in downtown Seattle—in a big, beautiful stadium filled with 4,000 yards of dirt.

And yes, it was loud. Very loud. I could actually feel the tiny hairs inside my ears vibrating from the sound of the engines. So, here are some tips if you ever go to a Monster Truck rally:

–Bring noise-blocking headphones. There were kids (and babies!) with the cutest little headphones that looked like truck tires on their ears. Or maybe they were truck tires on their ears. In that case, get yourself some truck tires to cover your ears.

–Wear really crappy warm clothes. This is no place for sequins and gold tuille. HOWEVER, some people wore fancy outfits anyway because it added to the atmosphere and intrigue of a Monster Truck rally. The whole, “Let’s get dressed up to see dirt and trucks fly all over a large stadium” does sound like fun. So, you could do that too.

–Don’t go to dinner ahead of time. At least at Lumen Field, you can get delicious, fresh fish and chips, beer, desserts, hot dogs, nachos, hot pretzels—you name it. And it all smelled and looked good. From where I was sitting, it was like watching a parade of food as people walked up steep stadium steps, balancing beers, children, Monster Truck toys, and trays of fish and chips. So, if you are stuck on steep steps with all of the food for everyone in your row, you might think about inventing a pully/bucket system so that you can just place it in the bucket at the bottom of the steps and have your friends and family pull on the rope until it arrives safely at the end of your row. Just a thought.

–You WILL want a T-shirt AND a Monster Truck toy. I think they sell those things at Monster Truck rallies, but there’s no chance of getting them at the stadium the day of the show. There are long lines of children—excited, screaming children—who will get them all first. Just go home and buy everything your heart desires online—go Monster Truck hard on the internet. You deserve it.

–Cheer for your favorite Monster Trucks. But when? When is it time to cheer? I cheered the loudest for El Toro Loco because that truck was doing flips and the “Moon Walk” (where it the truck launches into a “handstand” and inches backwards with its wheels in the air). It also jumped in the air, and its nose ripped right from the front of the engine. It also lost one of its sharp horns off the front. Parts flew everywhere. But. It. Still. Kept. Going. That’s when you cheer. I also cheered when trucks would flip over, all four tires in the air, smoking, and basically done for the night. Some bull-dozer-like things would have to come over in pairs and flip it over—and that was pretty spectacular.

So, if you follow the tips above, you could have a rip-roaring good time at a Monster Truck rally. This experience really can’t be beat. You have to see it in person. Watching videos on YouTube just doesn’t do it justice—and it’s not something you can create on your own.

Yet, in my neighborhood, people DO collect all kinds of boats, RVs, extra cars, and trucks for recreation and hobby/repair—and they park them all over the place. I would love to see them decorated as Monster Trucks—with fierce teeth and claws. I would love to see them race each other. Can I make that happen? Can I name one of the RVs Vampire Smack-Down and just let it run wild? A Monster-Truck loving gal can only dream.

Your Turn: Would you rather go to a concert, museum, theatrical performance, or a Monster Truck Rally?

23 thoughts on “Tips for a Scary Good Time at a Monster Truck Rally

  1. I went once (many years ago) and really couldn’t take the noise and crowds (I’m an introvert and not good with crowds at the best of times), so for me a museum is a better bet. Glad to hear you had an enjoyable time. 🙂

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    1. I’m a high introvert too–and this is typically not my style, but it was fun to get out of my comfort zone–and it didn’t seem like that many people because the entire row in front of us was empty.

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  2. I hope this year I can go to The Ekka and enjoy a night of fireworks, monster trucks, precision driving, and wood chopping competitions.
    I love a cold night in daggy warm clothes eating dagwood dogs and drinking milkshakes and eating ice creams.
    The noise from the engines makes it for me.

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  3. I don’t think I’d like to see it in person (noise, crowds), but I loved reading about it. What a strange American game, or custom, our whatever you call it! You are one fun gal, Cecilia 🤗🤗

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  4. I have been to many Monster Jam rallies. I will tell you that going to an outdoor one is 1000000 times better than an indoor one. My boys were OBSESSED with monster trucks when they were little so we went to Monster Jam every year in Orlando. There the rally was outside. It was treated like a football game: tailgating, opportunities to go see the trucks and drivers beforehand and lots of people watching. When we moved to PA we went to one here too. But, it was inside. Not as good. Smaller track, MUCHHHHH louder. The trucks can’t jump as high, the drivers aren’t their top notch drivers and they can’t go as fast.

    Ok as for me, I love a good concert or musical theater, good thing my boys enjoy those too

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    1. Alex loved Monster Trucks when he was little as well–especially Gravedigger–and now, at age 19, he finally got to see Gravedigger! He’s not that into Monster Trucks now, but it was super fun. I would love to see a musical theater performance though, so that may be the next outing. Cheers!


  5. We took Kate to a Monster Truck show when she was little and it was so much fun! Ken and I just had our first couple of evenings out with first, a concert by a Canadian band called July Talk (fantastic) and a live drag show called War on the Catwalk (even more fantastic!)

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  6. I like museums, and I have never watched a Monster Truck rally, but maybe… a monster truck museum? I’m pretty sure there’s one out there! 😀 Though to be honest, with things just starting to reopen in my city, I’d be happy to go to anything! (Also, I love the mental picture of people having truck tires protecting their ears!)

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