Mimosa Time!


Hoppin’ down the bunny trail isn’t all it’s cracked up to be if a trainload of dishes and hard-boiled eggs is threatening to derail you at every turn. There’s absolutely no need to go through the holiday with hidden eggs, rotting in a forgotten corner, while the ham in the oven explodes. Just make a mimosa. It’s the easiest thing you’ll do all day.

I’ve not even looked for a recipe. I just pour a smidge of orange juice into a fluted glass and top it all off with champagne. Then, it’s down the hatch, rinse, and repeat until the chocolate is all gone, and the marshmallow Peeps have curled into a snuggly ball near the fireplace.

Sometimes, I enjoy experimenting with different juices, such as peach or mango or cranberry. They’re all terrific, popping with sparkles of the bubbly. And then, that’s it for me for mimosas, until Mother’s Day.

The day after Mother’s Day commences margarita season, which is when it’s perfectly fine, within the Rules of Etiquette, to wear large floppy sun hats, and enormous sunglasses. Also, always tuck a swimsuit/ridiculous-looking pool float away in a boat-sized purse. You just never know when you’ll careen off the bunny trail and land in a water park, so you must be prepared.

In Other News: I have a creepy story up at Pyre Magazine, which you can read here: “Re-Sourceful.”

Also, a super kind and talented writer and editor, Keely O’ Shaughnessy, posted my very first author interview! It’s right here, if you want to check it out: “Interview with Cecilia Kennedy”

Your turn: What’s a spring/summer beverage you enjoy? (Does not have to be alcoholic.)

25 thoughts on “Mimosa Time!

  1. “Re-Sourceful” was horrific! (I kept thinking, did she just do what I think she did?) *shudder* I enjoyed your interview; learned a few things about you I didn’t know before. As for my favorite summer beverage? I’ll go with iced coffee. It’s best with real cream and real sugar.

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  2. Love the idea of a mimosa though I’ve never had one. I can drink any amount of watermelon juice! I passed on the story as horror is not my thing, but the interview is fascinating! You already had me at ‘self-proclaimed introvert’, as I am one too, though no one believes me. Then it was so nice to read all about you, filling in the details that your blog leaves out. Getting to know and like you more and more, Cecilia!

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  3. I have to admit it’s not that creative, but my absolute favorite summery beverage is lemonade.We have a version here we call Swiss lemonade, which is made in the blender with lemon juice, ice and condensed milk, and it’s so delicious. There you have it! 🙂

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