Time to Elevate


A supernatural haunting—the kind where ghosts lift my computer from my desk so my neck won’t cramp—wouldn’t be so bad. However, since my house is not haunted (yet), I’ve been using the Chicago Manual of Style to prop up my computer, which presents a problem, if I actually need to use the CMOS. So, the day before Mother’s Day, I typed “laptop thingamadooney proper-uppers,” and I found a sleek model that lifts my laptop from my desk—and it arrived on Mother’s Day. It. Is. The. Best. Mother’s. Day. Present. Ever. It’s so much better than ghosts or the Chicago Manual of Style. I can adjust it to any height, and my writing desk is much happier as well (I imagine), since the middle of the laptop stand has a hole in it, which allows the laptop fan to run without slowly and painfully searing a hole in the desk, as it must have been doing for many years now.


So, to sum up, the DIY method of propping the laptop up with books helps for a while—until you need to use the books underneath the laptop. Also, there is the problem of the fan, which never gets to “breathe.” You could cut a hole in the middle of the books to account for the fan “breathing” problem, but that’s a lot of work, when you could just order a thingamarooney proper-upper. (There are lots of models, which don’t cost a hefty price.) After that, ransacking the cemetery for ghosts could be an option, but it’s difficult to tell which ones will be helpful—until it’s too late.

In Other News: I have a story up at Roi Fainéant called the “Secret Life of Dance Shoes.” Feel free to have a look.

Your Turn: What helps you stay comfortable while working at a computer/desk?

25 thoughts on “Time to Elevate

    1. While we do have a view of the mountains from our bedroom, this view is not it–it’s much more spectacular. We went to Leavenworth for lunch on Saturday and sat outside–and this was our view from our table. It was amazing! Thanks for reading! 🙂

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  1. I’ve got a fancy one which cost a lot of money and then I found a small display stand for $10 which does the same job. Having the monitor at the right height makes a world of difference.

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  2. Love the movement throughout your story AND the ending! I also needed something to raise my computer a bit a protect it from trapped heat. Mine may not life the laptop quite as far, but it works for me. It also has holes and double fans that are powered by the computer, itself. This laptop is lasting longer than my others, so maybe it’s working?

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