Let Your Sparkle Out


A glittery, puffy marshmallow of a thing lives inside me, and it wants to decorate with girly girl sparkly flair. Today, that thing came out of me at the grocery store in the crafts aisle. It saw a bunch of pink stickers in tropical shapes, studded with shiny stuff, and just had to have them, but the practical side in me said, “Whoa there, Twinkly! Let’s get us a box to stick those on. Then we’ll have something useful, too.”

The box in question was just a plain, undecorated craftsy box. The packaging on the outside suggested you could paint it, which you could. But Twinkly, which was about to sprint towards the purple stuffed dragons, just wouldn’t have the patience to paint anything today. So, I brought the box back home, peeled off the stickers, and randomly stuck them all over the sides, until I could feel Twinkly hop back inside me, where it will sleep off its glitter-induced hangover.

Meanwhile, I have something cute AND practical on my desk, and I couldn’t be more excited to use this box in the following ways:

–Placing Post-it Notes inside to keep them fresh.

–Hiding daily affirmations inside that also double as to-do items. (Example: You are super—at breaking things. Remember to pick up Super Glue at the store.)

–Storing a little powder and lipstick to keep near my workspace for unexpected Zoom meetings that I happen to start because I’m always hitting the wrong buttons on my computer.

–Secreting away pictures of crocheted tissue box coverings that I like.

–Creating a miniature diorama of glitter-studded forests and winged unicorns where Twinkly could live, because it kind of hurts when Twinkly just pops out of me.

In Other News: I have TWO stories out in one fabulous publication called DarkWinter Literary Magazine, run by Suzanne Craig-Whytock. We are blog buddies! We follow each other, and she is an amazing editor and author—very funny too. Check out her blog, if you don’t follow her already. And here are the names of my stories (both dark/horror genre): “Magic Beans” and “Blitzer Automatic Juicer.”

Your Turn: What’s a fun and easy project you like to do?

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