Carousel Sundae


Spin your animal crackers around a whirling cloud of ice cream, until they’re foaming at the mouth with whipped cream and sprinkles—just like what you might see in nature. The result is a delightful carousel sundae, which I did not invent. Denny’s invented it, and, when I was a child, it was my reward for finishing a nutritious breakfast, which consisted of pancakes slathered in butter. I’m not sure if this sundae is on the menu anymore because I haven’t been to a Denny’s in years, but I had a hankering for this treat when we got back from the zoo. At the zoo, the animals were all hiding, so we didn’t see many, but I decided we were going to see as many animals as we could that day, even if I had to pull them out of a box and try to figure out why the camel looked so much like the rhinoceros. Or was it a cow? It’s hard to tell sometimes.  

In any case, it couldn’t be easier to make a sundae that looks like animal crackers are in a pole-dancing rage.

Here’s what you’ll need:

–“Poles”—you can use candy sticks. I used Red Vines, and I cut them down so that they didn’t look like they were overpowering the animal crackers, which seemed tinier than I remembered in the past. I used about four altogether. You should probably have one “pole” per animal cracker, but I think some of my animals were sharing a pole.

–3-4 scoops of ice cream. (I used vanilla.)

–3-5 animal crackers (I used a small dish, so I didn’t need many.)

–Whipped cream

–Chocolate sauce (optional)

–Candy/candy sprinkles

Here’s what you do:

Place the ice cream scoops into a dish. Place your “poles” in the ice cream. Line up your animal crackers in front of the poles and/or around the edge of the dish. Top with a bit of chocolate sauce, if desired. Add the whipped cream, sprinkles, and any other toppings you wish.


This sundae is the perfect creamy, crunchy, sugary mess, which you probably shouldn’t eat in one sitting. You might want to layer the lining of your stomach with pancakes first.

In other news:

I have a few more stories out. They’re dark/horror genre stories. The first one is more comical than scary, though.

Lengthy Footnote Covering Unusual Disturbances at the Township Council Meeting, County Ledger No. 205599428a (Jake: The Anti-Literature Magazine)

Along the Lines of Improv (The Writing Disorder)

Aunt Bettie Finds Her Forever Home (Horror Tree: Trembling with Fear)

Your Turn: How often do you eat dessert?

25 thoughts on “Carousel Sundae

  1. To me here in Australia, Sundaes seem to be such a North American thing. Whenever I’ve visited the US for work, I look forward to ice cream, whipped cream, some sweet topping, nuts, and hot fudge.

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    1. In high school, once a month, they used to let the senior class go out to lunch off campus, and one time, we went to an ice cream parlor and just had sundaes for lunch. It was so fun!

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  2. I’m always up for ice cream!

    Congratulations on your latest publications! I just read them. My immediate reaction is that I sure am glad I don’t live anywhere near where these unfortunate events took place. (I hope.) *shudder*

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  3. Hi. I try to limit my carbs and sugars, so I eat dessert maybe once a week. During the summer, my favorite dessert is an ice cream cone. I prefer sugar cones to waffle cones. I like various ice cream flavors. Who doesn’t? But most of my faves include chocolate.

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    1. Alex helped me make his. Ask Alex–it probably takes about two people to make because you have to work quickly, so the ice cream won’t melt 🙂


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