Craft Alert: Knotty Nautical Necklace


A shell-shocking screech, from inside our beach mementos collection, triggered the craft alert. According to highly scientific hypotheses that will never be proven with actual science (it’s literally just a hunch), ocean sounds trapped inside conch shells and such, can suddenly just “erupt.” The resulting sound is thus: “eeeeeooowwwwhooosh!”

I’m no shell whisperer, but I think that’s the sound of beach mementos that are tired of just sitting around. They want some action. They want to be incorporated into a craft.

Since the biggest bulk of our sea collection is somewhere in Alex’s room, the sound, logically, emanated from this source, so Alex had no choice but to create an absolutely fabulous craft that takes no time at all to make. He calls it a necklace, but for the purposes of this blog, I’m calling it a Knotty Nautical Necklace.

Alex walked me through the steps, and it’s beachy keen to make this totally awesome accessory. Here’s what you need:

–Sturdy, bulky string

–A pair of scissors

–A beach memento that’s “so done” with just sitting there on the shelves


–Using the scissors, cut a long piece of string from the twine.

–Close the scissors blades and wrap the string around the thickest part of the blades. Secure it with a knot.

–Keep tying knots all the way up—leave just a bit of string at the end.

–Remove the knotted string from the scissors.

–Slip the bits of string at the end through the loop (where it was tied around the scissors) and secure with a knot but continue to leave a bit of extra string on the bottom.

–With the extra bit of string on the bottom, you can attach the shell. Alex selected a slim shell that had a hole/hollow center, so the string could be fed all the way through and tied off. You could also attach shells with a hot glue gun.

Once the necklace is finished, the noise in the house dies down a bit. It sounds more like a “whoowhoowhish,” but softer—more believable, like a real ocean.

It’s the perfect thing to wear with a pair of shorts and a brightly colored T-shirt, or you could go wild and wear it with loud, tropical prints that turn neon in the dark. All that matters is that you’ve made a beach memento happy. Shell, yeah!

Your Turn: Do you like to collect rocks or shells from the beach? What do you do with them later?

21 thoughts on “Craft Alert: Knotty Nautical Necklace

  1. What a cool and sea breezy project!!!
    I have been hearing those sea shells calling from the places in our house but thought it was mating season at the shore (only 7km away) and they were singing the sad song of “we can’t return”, so I gave them some air and placed them on my “green roof” in my back garden and they sounded much happier.🧘🧘🧘
    As always I love your blog!!!

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      1. Although my mother thought the speckled beach rocks I displayed in a dish were confections. (Luckily she realized what they were before taking a bite of one.)


  2. I used to collect things, but now I try to be minimalist. I know if I want to hear faux sea sounds I just cover my ears and hear the whooshing blood in the capillaries in my ear 😊

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    1. I swore I would never collect anything again after we moved here, but now I’m collecting all kinds of things. And yes, with sheer force and determination, those ocean sounds will appear 🙂

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  3. I’ve collected many rocks and fossils from Michigan and Texas, along with shells from North Carolina. I have an oversized Ball “canning jar” in which I’ve arranged them to show them off, along with some special wine corks.

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  4. The necklace is really vey nice. I’d like to collect shells from the beach, but it’s forbidden in Italy. There is a little isle in Italy, it’s called Budelli, that had a beautiful soft-pink beach. Now there is no more, by dint of collecting

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    1. Thank you! We make sure not to take shells/rocks from beaches where they forbid it. Sometimes they sell them in crafts stores, too, which means you have really clean and pretty shells to work with in that case. Cheers!

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