Clam-a-Bam! I’m in Love


On a steamy, steamy day–ripe for intense, sultry embraces with adventure–I went looking for clams. I needed something to satisfy the depths of my seafood cravings. I was clamming up with a desire that only the Pacific Northwest could rake up from the sand. And Nate was not far behind. We found it at the seafood counter: Manila clams, already purged—purged with a desire to satisfy.

The customer service was extraordinary—ready with a recipe for sure-fire, blast-off clam-a-rama-rama-ding-dong pizzazz. And it was so simple:

–1 cup of chicken broth

–1 cup of white wine

–“Lots—loads of crushed garlic”

–“Tons of Italian parsley, chopped”

–2 tablespoons of butter

Nate and I set the mood: Surfer rock jam on Pandora + the ingredients above, in a roiling boil, with candlelight flickering gently in the background. The succulent Manila clams (two pounds) went into the pot, discreetly covered with a lid for privacy, for about four minutes. We heard sounds. Savory sounds that popped with excitement, and when we opened the lid, they looked like they all finished strong. (They all have to finish, in order for them to be happy, so keep boiling if they don’t all open up.)

We served them with a salad; fresh, crusty bread, and the brine from the sexy sauce. The meal was just perfect for a sizzling summer night that blows the smoke alarm off the walls.

In Other News:  I have a few short work blogs out on the Funko website. Enjoy: “Guac On with the Oddvocados and Celebrate National Avocado Day” & “Following Clues in Oversized Shoes: Clown Around with the Clownspies.”

Your Turn: When the weather turns hot, what do you like to cook that takes virtually no effort at all?

20 thoughts on “Clam-a-Bam! I’m in Love

  1. Now that made me crave Manila clams too! Funny thing that here in the Philippines, those clams are cooked in oyster sauce, sugar, and sesame oil — with generous amounts of ginger and green onions.

    Another good take is clam soup — water, salt, ginger, and pepper are added to the clams and allowed to boil. Some add 7-Up for extra citrus and sweetness. Perfect for Manila’s cold monsoon rains!

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    1. They were very exciting. And, yes, there is a Clown Week, and yes, I agree it’s disturbing. But I do want some Clownspies–I am going to buy some this week, I think, and when the Oddvocados come out, I want to snag me one of those, too. Cheers!

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    1. Take-out works, too! In fact, Nate and I got all the ingredients for the clams and sat in the backyard with some wine, which was so nice, but then, we had to cook everything. It doesn’t take long at all, but I thought, “Hey! Maybe someone should just come over and cook this for us.”

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  2. Clams, clams, clams! Your recipe sounds divine. And surfer rock sounds like the perfect musical backdrop. I have a Spotify playlist called Yacht Rock which I may crank up while I steal your clam method. Nice work, Cecilia!

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