Craft Alert for When Everyone at Work is Having Babies


Follow a trail of smashed cupcakes to a break room filled with popped balloons and overturned chairs—and you’re smack-dab in the middle of the wildest work-related baby shower you’ve ever seen. Well, maybe not super “wild,” but reckless in the sense that you left a stack of papers on your desk for a good 1-2 hours, and so did everyone else in the office, but oh, well. They will still be waiting for you when the baby shower is all over.

At the most recent baby shower at work, (there have been two in four months), I did get a chance to go wild with children’s wooden blocks and paint markers, and it was a truly enjoyable experience. My co-worker came up with the idea to have everyone paint the blocks so that our pregnant co-worker could decorate her nursery with them. Most of the people I work with are actual artists in real life, but I’m proud of the watermelon-like thing I made, and I’m hoping it will bring a child a lifetime of wonky wonder and optimism ‘cause that’s my motto: Build a wonder of wonkiness one block at a time.

This activity sure beats the baby shower game I came up with once in my 20s for a pregnant friend. Maybe I found the game on the internet—I don’t know. You might have even played it before. It goes like this:

–Blindfold everyone in the room, except for yourself.

–Throw cotton balls onto the floor and give everyone a wooden spoon.

–Each person will take turns trying to scoop up as many cotton balls as they can into a bowl.

–The person who gets the most into the bowl “wins.”

Here’s the twist:

–The only other person in the room who is not blindfolded (you), gets to write down everyone’s comments as they’re scooping cotton balls into the bowl. Those utterances will be the comments made in the delivery room, which you can read back to your party guests. As you can imagine, the comments go something like this:

“Am I doing it? Is this right?”

“Woohoo! I got 20!”

“I dropped one.”

“Did I win?”

I’m not sure if my co-workers would want to crawl around on the floor, looking for cotton balls, so I’m definitely glad I didn’t sign up for the “games” committee. They DO like to roller skate, so maybe this game could be kicked up a notch with the addition of a make-shift roller rink and cupcake obstacle course. Such a stunt would put a delightfully wonky spin on a birthing-room scenario where the words “Look out!” really deliver.

Your Turn: What’s your favorite party game?

21 thoughts on “Craft Alert for When Everyone at Work is Having Babies

  1. The cotton on the spoon game sounds fun. We used to play a card game called “mafia” where you had to figure out who was in the mafia and who was not – it had been a while but you deal the cards and five are designated as the mafia and then everyone goes around and takes guesses

    I like your wonky watermelon

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  2. We played a fun game where there were a couple of dozen random little objects on a tray. You had 20 seconds to look at them all then had to write down as many as you could remember. The winner was the one who had the longest list. It was actually a lot of fun despite me being super-pregnant and uncomfortable!

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  3. I avoid baby showers as a rule, since I am always terrified it’s catching. 🙂 But your party sounds like a lot of fun. Only you could write about one of the events I dislike most in life and make it sound both humorous and engaging. Nicely done!

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