What’s Behind the Door?


Creepy cans of cannellini, smothering wadded-up bags of chips, will no longer give me the evil eye. The nightmare is over. We finally plastered the glass window door of the kitchen pantry with “frosted glass” cover paper—and now it’s lights out for everything in that closet, thank goodness.

The glass window pantry was not my idea. It came with the house, so I foolishly spent years organizing boxes, buying cute little baskets for snack chips, and tidying up the shelves—only to find those shelves overflowing with coffee filters, gallon drums of protein powder, and condiments—within minutes. I would blame Nate and Alex, but it would all happen so fast, that I can now only blame a stray, disorganized spirit that must have a thing for my pantry—doing who knows what with the Goldfish crackers. Well, I don’t need to see it. No one does.

Now, when I go into the kitchen, my eye doesn’t go directly to the clutter in the pantry.  When I open the door, I don’t worry about what I find inside. I might pick up whatever’s toppled over onto the floor, but I’m not wasting my day stuffing things inside baskets that are bulging with last year’s cough drops and fiber chews.

The best part of it all is that Nate put the paper onto the windows because the task involved cutting on a straight line, which I can’t do to save my life. So he measured the square glass spaces of the window, made sure they were clean, stuck the paper to them with water and soap, and smoothed everything out with a credit card, which I think is a genius move!

Sure, things still bump around in there when the door is closed, and mysterious shadows might brush up against the frosted paper, but all is well. The neat and tidy illusion that frosted cover paper creates blurs out all the spooky chain rattling, so I can sleep at night.

Your Turn: What’s one small change you’ve made to your living space that makes all the difference in the world for you?

25 thoughts on “What’s Behind the Door?

  1. A portable induction hob. I dislike using the ceramic top electric stove in the flat I rent. It’s slow, and it is a safety risk. The induction hob is fast, and it remains relatively cool. It’s easy to clean too.

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  2. I recently hired a cleaning lady I’ve known a long time, and she has decluttered and cleaned where I just looked and gave up. I love her and hope to have a few more sessions with her.

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  3. I have a solid door on my pantry so I don’t have to see all the open boxes of stale crackers. I just threw out 5 expired containers of protein powder, and when you realize how long it takes for those to expire…

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  4. I bought a small rolling cart to hold books and journals and desk overflow. I like that I can move it next to my bed or living room chair if I feel like journaling or whatever someplace else in the house, or to the dining table if I need to mail a package

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  5. I am with you on not liking transparent doors, whether it’s for a pantry, for kitchen cupboards, or a front door. I like boundaries in all things, and especially my home. My own pantry recently got its own light and though it’s a small thing, to me it was huge because I was constantly knocking down bags of rice, containers of pasta, or various cans of tomatoes or tuna would fall of their own accord straight onto my foot. The neighbors could hear the screams for miles. 🙂 Anyway, it’s those small things we do to our living spaces that often make the biggest difference. I’m glad you won’t be tormented by visions of your canned goods any longer.

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