Thanksgiving Dinner and a Movie: Pilgrim


Pass the turkey with a heaping side of gratitude—or else. That’s the message behind Pilgrim, a horror film on Hulu, which is now a holiday tradition at our house. Nate, Alex, and I watched it while cuddled up with Thanksgiving leftovers and a weighted blanket for comfort.

This film is definitely not intended for small children or family gatherings—and you probably don’t want to be eating anything while watching it, especially not cranberry sauce or carved meats. However, if you crave something absolutely ridiculous with plenty of jump-scares and gore, then you’ll be forever thankful.

Synopsis: In an effort to entertain the family and bring them together to share a bonding experience, Anna, a suburban housewife, invites an acting troupe of pilgrims to re-enact a Thanksgiving holiday. The pilgrims are a little too dedicated to their craft and give the family more than they bargained for—until they really are thankful in the end—thankful to just be alive.

How Best to Enjoy: Spend hours preparing a Thanksgiving dinner with all the sides and trimmings. Enjoy it early. Take a walk. Call relatives. Take a nap.

Later that evening, if you’re not into football or competitive shopping, settle in on the couch to watch Pilgrim. Maybe grab yourself a slice of pumpkin pie—or pop some popcorn—but resist the urge to go for that last turkey leg or slathering of cranberry sauce.

Then, settle in and watch the film. Scream, squirm, and slide the mashed potatoes to the other side of the room. Be grateful it didn’t occur to you to hire an acting troupe of pilgrims to spice up the holidays.

You’re welcome.

Your Turn: What are some of your favorite family movies?

27 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Dinner and a Movie: Pilgrim

  1. I have never heard of this movie! I must see it immediately. And strangely enough, I’ll be having leftover cranberry sauce and turkey for lunch today. A truly wonderful coincidence 🤣 I think in terms of holiday films come up my favorite is probably Love Actually. It’s just so corny. Sounds like you and your family had a wonderful holiday and I’m glad. Thanks for the laugh, as usual.

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  2. Breaking Bad, which I just finished up after someone lent me the series, might just become a mini-tradition for this time of year. *wry laugh* It is about family ties, after all, right? I’m adding Pilgrim to the list if I get streaming one of these days!

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