Craft Alert: Scavenger Hunt Journal


Where are my keys? Where’s that whale I’m hoping to see? Who has the duct tape?

All the answers to life’s burning questions are now in one spot: my scavenger hunt journal. I just open it up and find the things I’m usually missing.

The idea for a scavenger hunt journal startled me in the grocery aisle. It popped out at me in the crafts/office supplies section. For $14.99, I could buy a kit to create a scavenger hunt journal. Or, for $3.99, I could buy a journal that says, “Think Different” and fill the pages with things I find around the house—things I’m usually missing.

To make it extra sparkly, I used stickers. Here are the results:

Opening Pages:

Here, you’ll see delightful stickers—none of which you actually need to find. They’re just fun. The next page shows a little map I drew with a start and finish that make no sense, which is exactly how most maps appear to me. Luckily, the scavenger hunt doesn’t require map-reading skills, which is one of the benefits of a journal. You just turn the page. And here’s the main benefit of the scavenger hunt journal: Non-confusing pages of cheap fun that save time in the end by keeping you incredibly organized.


First Page:

The house key. It’s actually attached to a little wristband, so I can take it with me wherever I go, but once I take it off my wrist, what are the chances that I’ll put it back in a place where I can find it? Very slim. However, if I tape it to my journal each time, I might actually win the day.


Second Page:

Glasses. As you can see, they’re already attached to my face. This is a “reminder page,” which is important to build into your scavenger hunt journal. Sometimes, you just need a reminder that the things you’re looking for are really already where they need to be—you just might need to visit the eye doctor again because the prescription for your lenses may have changed.


Third Page:

There’s that whale you’ve been looking for! Build a page in your scavenger hunt journal that allows you to check off your bucket list. You’ll never be disappointed—or injured by actual whales.


Fourth Page:

Alligators. I DO NOT want to find these. They are non-existent in the place where I live, but with climate change and all, I wouldn’t be surprised to see one chasing a wolf or coyote around our neighborhood. Adding a “Watch Out” page, filled with ridiculous things you’d never find where you live, adds a sense of tranquility. That’s just one less thing you have to find. Cross it off your list with confidence.


Fifth Page:

Potato masher. For a year, I went without a potato masher because I lost it. I couldn’t find it anywhere, even after turning the kitchen upside down. Then, one day, it reappeared—and I had no idea how or where or when—or even why. I suspect the potato masher has stories to tell about great journeys and distances. It probably saw whales and alligators and princes and unicorns, but it will never tell. I believe I can’t ever lose it again because it’s now safe within my scavenger hunt journal, and that’s where it will stay.


Sixth Page:

Duct tape. That’s where it wandered off to.


Seventh Page:

Ibuprofen. The pink giraffe looks like it’s going to eat the ibuprofen—and that monkey is egging it on, which is why I need the ibuprofen in the first place. My head is a zoo.


Eighth Page:

Wrapping paper. As you can see, it’s holiday themed. We don’t have any other. There is never any birthday wrapping paper—just holiday. Don’t even bother hunting for it. It doesn’t exist. It ran off with the potato masher.


Ninth Page:

Weird green bean cards. We have these scattered about the house. They feature green beans or other vegetables with inspiring messages like, “Now’s as good as time as any to do good.” And that’s it—with some green beans—and you’re wondering how these things go together, but if you need a card immediately—and you don’t have time to run to the store—there you are. It’s the thought that counts. And that thought will haunt you in your journal.


Tenth Page:

Wires and cords. The ladybug, flower, and crab stickers on this page look extremely pleased that you found random wires and cords—and they should be. These are things you can stick into your phone or computer or speakers to make them work again—if they fit. If they don’t, just turn back a few pages to the duct tape. The potato masher might be willing to pitch in as well, if it would only stop talking about its wondrous journeys beyond the kitchen.


Your Turn: What are things you can never find around the house? What’s your trick for finding them/keeping organized?

23 thoughts on “Craft Alert: Scavenger Hunt Journal

  1. Interesting approach. And good easy-to-understand graphics.
    I keep the potato masher and duct tape in my alligator defense bag. One of my few successful attempts at organizing was putting little brass hooks on the back of a cupboard door right next to the kitchen door and always ALWAYS hanging my keys there when I come in.
    That also keeps the car keys out of the reach of most alligators. Unless the alligators are on the cheerleading squad for the University of Miami and have learned how to do pyramids.

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    1. Ah–yes–that’s a great idea–hooks on the inside of cupboard doors–I will have to try that next. It’s always best to stay one step ahead of the alligators.


  2. My cats! And, no, they’re cats…they defeat any and all tricks I have. I think they actually wander into other dimensions. Once I tore my house apart and could not find one of the cats. I knew he didn’t get outside (I had a plumber going in and out), but I called and canvassed the neighbourhood anyway. (He finally showed up in the kitchen area, with no word on where he had been.) Ha!

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  3. All the things you write about are strange to me, Cecilia! And I’m never sure how much of the strangeness is them and how much is your quirky sense of humour. All of which makes it fascinating!

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  4. I have trouble keeping track of the little booklets that come with new small appliances or other purchases. I DO have folders to keep them in, but that’s the problem. I have a few of those in several different places. Oh, and there’s a drawer where I sometimes put the booklets. So…further organization is definitely needed!

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