Just a Pinch of Green


Leprechauns have been getting grabby with the furniture on St. Patrick’s Day. If it’s not covered in green, they pinch it. How do we know? Late at night, it pops and cracks in such a way that I believe it’s saying, “quit pinching me.” So, from now on, any furniture in the house that is not actually green or covered in a green tablecloth, should have some green on it on St. Patrick’s Day.

Legend has it that if you’re not wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day, you will be pinched—by leprechauns. Apparently, wearing green makes you invisible to leprechauns. Wearing green and garlic makes you invisible to vampire-leprechauns—which I suspect are the variety that frequent our house. For this reason, we keep a pesto pizza wreath on the door. (Just kidding.)

A fun way to keep the leprechauns away from the furniture is to drape or hang green, leafy plants all over every square-inch of the place. If you don’t have time to cover the entire house in plants, just start with one area, like Alex did: the cupboard in the living room.

I’d used the last of the tomatoes in a dome-shaped plastic container, and Alex immediately envisioned a hanging plant holder that could be fashioned from it.

The container consists of a lid and a bowl. The lid has holes in it, through which Alex strung some string. The bowl turned out to be the perfect size for one of the plants he already has in his room. Then, he basically tied the whole thing to the knob of the cupboard—and everything turned out well—for that area of the furniture on St. Patrick’s Day. The crafting cabinet, on the other hand, didn’t fare so well. “Soaking a shamrock-shaped creation in green beer” is at the top o’ my list of ideas for leprechaun-proofing the crafting cabinet next year.

In Other News: It’s Women in Horror Month, and I have an article up at Horror Tree called “Women Writers Shaping the Future of Horror.” One of the authors, featured in the article, you may already follow: Suzanne Craig-Whytock. Check out her work mentioned in the article–as well as the other fabulous women writers, whose works I’ve had the pleasure to read this year. Cheers!

Your Turn: Do you decorate with plants? Real or fake?

22 thoughts on “Just a Pinch of Green

  1. I avoid decorating with real plants because they always die on me no matter how I take care of them! And thank you for your wonderful article—I appreciate it so much and it really made my day/-heck, my whole month!

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  2. Congratulations on your publication, Cecelia! I just read the article. The poetry collection sounded good, but the fact that some reviewers were able to handle only one poem at a time gives me pause. As for decorating with plants, I have a few dried flower arrangements, an African violet, and a geranium. (All real.)

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    1. I highly recommend the poetry collection. It’s brilliant–absolutely brilliant and such an important contribution. Dried flowers are such a great idea–and often they’re still very fragrant. Cheers!

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  3. I decorate my flat in my lazy minimalist style. No plants, natural or artificial, exist apart from vegetables and fruit in my refrigerator.
    While not plants, there is also a collection of fungus in the grout of my shower stall. Try as I might as I apply chemical warfare techniques, the moulds resist termination with extreme prejudice.

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  4. Congratulations on your publication! I don’t have any plants, but only because of my job (from which I will be retiring in October, so plants will probably return). As to those pesky vampire leprechauns, a hearty meal of spaghetti with garlic-basil sauce should help. Yummy, too. 🍀

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    1. Real plants are so lovely. My son Alex decorates his room with plants–and he does such a good job of keeping them alive. He certainly doesn’t get that from me 🙂


  5. I used to spray paint roses I had dried…in silver! But that’s about as close as I’ve come to decorating with flowers…like Suzanne C-W, plants don’t fare well in my care…but I’m very proud of my thriving pots of rogue clover (they were plant strays in the plants I once had, but died ) and my peppers that I grew from some bell pepper seeds I got from peppers I was cooking with, and just threw them into a pot that also used to have other kinds of plants in it. Anyway, congrats on the plant-growing!

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    1. Real plants and flowers are wonderful to have in the house. I can’t manage to keep mine alive for very long, but my son can, so his room is full of lovely plants. Cheers!


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