Clean Under the Hood


Last night’s steak stuck around for an encore aroma performance, and it was being very sneaky about it. Even after cleaning the range and the glass on the kitchen hood above the oven range—and liberally spraying with Lysol and lighting perfumed candles and opening windows—we just couldn’t get that meaty smell out of the air.

But Nate knew what we had to do: disassemble the vent and clean it.

“We’ll run it through the dishwasher,” he said. “The instructions online say you can for this model.”

And that sounded wonderful. If all we had to do was put the vent in the dishwasher after a meaty meal cooked on the stovetop in a grill pan, then I was in.

I’d never been so happy to put things in the dishwasher and run the cycle. And when the dishes were done, it felt like opening presents on Christmas morning, except the gifts were all hot and steamy and ready to melt your face when you looked inside.

In any case, the vent smelled great—and so did the house, but the vent did not look so good after a spin through the dishwasher cycles. It still fit into the hood, and it still works to this day, but it’s a little scorched. So, we will buy a new vent and just soak it overnight in a sudsy sink when stubborn steak smells refuse to leave at check-out time.

We could just limit cooking over the stovetop/range, but Alex has discovered a love for the grill pan and making his own lunch over the stove, and I love that he’s found a new hobby, so we’ll just have to add a few more things to our routine:

–Alex cooks his lunch and cleans up—like he’s always been doing.

–We might come by with Lysol, candles, and an open window throughout the day, when we feel like it.

–Once a week, we’ll drop the vent into the sink filled with sudsy water.

–Rinse and repeat.

–Hope the plan works, if we stick to it.

Lessons Learned:

–There are lots of things to clean in a house that we did not know about.

–They won’t all get cleaned.

–Dishwashers sometimes scorch things.

–Strong smelling candles add a romantic touch to lingering meaty odors.

–We have an outdoor grill that we’ve forgotten about.

Your Turn: What’s your favorite method for cooking? Oven? Stovetop? Microwave? Outdoor grill? Other?

29 thoughts on “Clean Under the Hood

  1. Grilling. But I’ve been thinking about opening a Mongol warrior-theme restaurant, which would have to be near a race track. The steak is placed under the warrior’s saddle, and by the end of a day’s ride The meat is cooked and tenderized. I don’t think they would allow scented candles in the stables, though.

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  2. Strong smelling candles add a romantic touch to lingering meaty odors.—Haha. You’re leaving at check out time line was also a great one. Too bad about the scorching. Good plan with the soaking in a suds bath. I’m just glad the vent is so easy to get in and out. I hope it doesn’t become loose from all that activity and eventually not stay in. That would be the way of it in my house, I’m sure.

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  3. One of the few things I can cook is a pan seared steak. Unfortunately, the hood over my stove is kind of fake. It doesn’t have a vent. Just a fan. So that means it’s just blowing all the smoke and aromas around for a nice distribution throughout the house. I’m pretty sure I did a post about it a few years ago because the Houseguest was not amused because she has a super sniffer.

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