Craft Alert: Things Are Getting Eggciting


Spring a splatter of color on your home décor—but warn the members of your family first. That’s what the craft alarm is for. Today, it went off the minute I saw a re-run of Mama’s Family. Vicki Lawrence’s hats were simply off-the-hook amazing: little flowered numbers that fit snuggly right into her gray curls—like they were always meant to bloom there. And I thought to myself, “how do I get that look on an egg? Not a real egg. A paper one, for festive holiday purposes.”

Example of one of the hats I saw in the episode “Mama Learns to Drive”

Fun fact: bits of colorful tissue paper, wrapped around the eraser end of a pencil, make for a fun, floppy flowery look that can be taped onto just about any flat surface. Luckily, the card section at the grocery store is blossoming with pastel tissue paper, ready to wrap delicate gifts—or be impaled and twisted onto poster paper.

In any case, I suspect the poster paper was absolutely thrilled to see the pastel tissue paper I bought. I’d soon be uniting the two in the hoppiest of Easter sentiments when I cut out an egg-shaped creation and started rolling some clear tape, sticky side up.

Then, I just ripped bits of tissue paper into smaller pieces, wrapped them around the eraser part of a pencil, and stuck them onto the egg-shaped cutout. When I was finished, I realized it looked pretty much like one of Vicki Lawrence’s hats from Mama’s Family, and I’m tempted to make quite a few more, string them together, and stick them on my head as a kind of Easter bonnet.

However, it’s going to rain the whole weekend, so I guess I’ll need to find a clear shower cap to secure over it. (Umbrellas don’t seem to work for me, for some reason—maybe I’m the only one?)

Here are some other ways I could wear this craft, despite a torrential downpour:

–As a brooch, under a rain jacket. I’m sure I could find some kind of pin hardware to glue to the back, maybe?

–As a necklace or bracelet—again, secured under a rain jacket.

–As a hair ornament, clipped to a bobby pin, secured with a rain jacket.

That’s all I can think of for now. At the moment, the craft alarm is still going off—perhaps it knows something I don’t. Perhaps I’m about to give birth to a wardrobe of crafty eggs.

Your Turn: Do you have a favorite tissue paper craft? Or: what are some re-runs of television programs that you enjoy?

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