A Toast to Good Spirits


In search of exciting, complex spirits on National Ghost Hunting Day (September 24), we traveled to one of our favorite happy haunts (Winthrop, Washington), to see if we could scare up any saloon ghosts or jilted dead brides, but we found something better: Blackberry Raven Cider.


If Welch’s Grape Juice had a tipsier sister, with a sophisticated, dry sense of humor, it would be this concoction, which we sampled at the Methow Valley Ciderhouse. It was a spirited find that paired well with just about anything, and also, my veggie burger and fries, which were really good. The live music playing that evening was lovely, but it muffled the Blackberry Raven’s ghost story, which I think it was trying to tell me. I suspect it involves some stray deer, an RV, flashing lights, and floating in a pool of darkness with apples and pulp—or however cider is made.

Other potential “scares” I experienced in the old-westerny town of Winthrop include, but are not limited to, the following:

–The town center square dancing celebration. It wasn’t really that scary, except for finding a parking spot.

–The Old Schoolhouse Brewery, where we had lunch. I imagine that at least the second floor is haunted, but there were no stairs to the second floor that I could see. I’m guessing the stairs may be walled inside somewhere, which makes me wonder: Was someone trapped on the stairs when an alleged wall went up? If so, do they get free Bavarian pretzels from the menu? (I hope so.)

–The game room at Sun Mountain Lodge, where we stayed. It has to be haunted. How else would I be able to explain why I’m so terrible at ping-pong? Ghosts are secretly slapping my ping-pong balls off the table and onto the floor.

And that’s about it. Except for some deer, wild turkeys, partridges, and rabbits, there aren’t any jump-scares to speak of—just good spirits in a glass, ready to follow you home with all the ping-pong balls you lost—so they can whack them against the wall while you’re sleeping.

In Other News: I got to write a really fun work blog for Funko for National Ghost Hunting Day. Feel free to check it out here: “On the Haunt with Funko: Celebrate National Ghost Hunting Day.”

Your Turn: What’s your favorite get-away spot that’s still close to home?

17 thoughts on “A Toast to Good Spirits

  1. So you work with a real, live ghost-hunter? “There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio . . . ” etc. My husband and I don’t do getaways of late because he doesn’t want to put the dog in a kennel. We just had the house painted, and it now looks like a vintage lake house, so that’s our getaway.

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    1. Yes, I do! Your house sounds lovely, and I can totally understand how putting the dog in the kennel would be difficult. Our cat is super sensitive, so we only leave for short trips–and there’s a neighbor who has taken care of him for the past few years, whenever we need to go away, and he loves her, so that has worked out really well for now.

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  2. Could the spirit of the cider been the thing making your Ping Pong balls crash and burn? Just askin’…….looks like a fun adventure and the cider sounds marvelous. I am not a big fan of cider but once in awhile a glassful is just what you need. Great and funny post as always, Cecilia!

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